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7 Effective Ways of Improving your LinkedIn Profile

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Do you want to reach a greater audience on your LinkedIn social media account? Or maybe you intend to promote your brand on LinkedIn without spending your hard-earned cash on ads. If either of these suits your need, this blog post has got you covered. Podowaa, a tool for managing engagement on LinkedIn is a smart, automated device that allows you to generate thousands of likes and comments and more on your posts. Itenables you to define the target audience you intend to reach. 

So you sift away any unwanted followers and comments. It gives you ultimate control. For instance, if you intend to reach employers in the digital marketing field, Podowaa can help you configure, target, and personalize a few specified entities.

So, How Does Podowaa Tool Work?

  • First, you need to install Podowaa chrome device for extension
  • Then, create a pod
  • Invite people to join
  • Schedule your comments, post, and likes
  • Your LinkedIn posts will be shared in an automated manner allowing your targeted audience to comment on your content.

Benefits of using Podowaa 

  • It allows you to use your existing post or create one in advance.
  • Organically build a list of comments that you can use in future
  • Create public and exclusive pods where you can automatically or manually accept likes and comments.
  • Control your pre-determined responses before posting.
  • Create an on-time conversation below the comment section.

On LinkedIn, you reap what you sow. Therefore, it is crucial to use some time-tested tips to boost your profile.

1. Update your account regularly

Outdated information doesn’t look good on you. Refresh your professional title because it can potentially entice the right people to click. You can choose to highlight your most recent achievement, position, or organization. 

Further, you can include the experience you have in your field. You can additionally showcase your skills and aptitudes such as a consultant, author, etc. In a nutshell market yourself by telling your target audience who you are, and what they stand to lose if they don’t connect with you.

You also need to update information about your current geographical location, and the industry or field. These updates are crucial in luring the right people your way.

2. Mind the photos you post

LinkedIn is a formal and professional social media platform.  As such, post qualityand recent photos that reflect well on you. Do not feature other things or persons no matter how significant they are in your life. Featuring your pet or spouse is a no-no.

3. Write a good summary about yourself

Write a brief and concise summary of, yourself. It should highlight your aptitudes, accolades and awards, professional experience, skills, and talents. Endear yourself to your potential connections.

While at it, be cautious not to use brag irritatingly and avoid using meaningless vocabularies that can interfere with easy reading.

4. Be deliberate about the words you choose

Your target audience is likely to be your next employer or partner in business. Choose your words wisely, so that you only say what you mean. Your title, summary, and profile should feature keywords you want to feature for when potential connections search you. Using the right words attracts the right likes, comments, and reactions.

5. Connect with people you haven’t met yet

You are on social media because you want to meet new people, right? That’s what this platform is all about. Do not only connect with entities that are familiar to you.

Creating and organically growing your LinkedIn networks can get you more endorsements, and disposes you favorably before influencers. The more relevant people you meet, the more followers you get to read your content on your site. This significantly influences your personal branding.

6. Publish outstanding posts

LinkedIn is a great way of influencing your followers, gaining acceptance, growing your profile, and acquiring new virtual friends. With the target audience in mind, publish quality content that features your interests, skills, and expertise. Your content should target the comments and reactions of the key figures in business organizations.

7. Find  and join relevant groups 

There are several groups on LinkedIn that are defined by purpose. Go ahead and be part of such individuals. Once you’re in, start intriguing conversations and discussions to sell your skills. Let people appreciate your expertise in your area and not because you’re trying to sell a product to them.

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