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Top Points to Consider Before Selecting an A/B Testing Solution

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Modern marketing, unlike the past, relies on actionable data, not merely gut feeling or instincts. As marketers endeavor to understand their target customers to devise practical strategies, various measures are adopted to collect the necessary information. Regardless of your business’s shape, size, and industry, marketing quests can easily backfire without such information. The good news is that there are various tools and measures readily available to help marketers gather as much data as possible to inform their strategies. For instance, with A/B testing, you can comfortably experiment and evaluate various strategies, allowing you to gain valuable insights and supercharge your marketing endeavors.

While A/B testing is effective, without the right tool, you can considerably affect your undertakings. As such, it is paramount that you take a deep dive and ensure that you pick an ideal solution. Among the top points to help you choose the best solution are:

Your team’s skill level

Regardless of how effective a particular A/B testing tool is, you can’t get the most out of it without the right skills, and even worse, it could consume more time without delivering desirable insights. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to be worried about concerns such as programming skills to facilitate complex tests, as there are simplified tools that offer comfortable testing. For instance, if you invest in what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG), your team, even with minimal skills, can edit and test various pages effectively as no coding is needed. Considering your teams’ skill level while choosing a tool should be prioritized to facilitate smooth progress.


Technical resources can facilitate a smooth operation or cause significant frustrations that can derail your A/B testing endeavors. How long will it take to install the tool, and will the user experience be friendly enough to ease the process? Complex tools, typically featuring more features and advanced options, translate to sophistications that demand more technical skills and resources. Investing in such a tool can derail the process or necessitate costly investment to facilitate effective processes. 

If you don’t have such technical resources and aren’t in a position to invest more in it, it would help if you were to choose a less-sophisticated A/B testing tool.

Support level

Each tool comes with a set of challenges, which can prove a lot to handle for your team. As such, before choosing a solution, ensuring that adequate support is in place is crucial in order to facilitate productive progress. From options such as live support, chats, pre-recorded responses, email support, and online documentation, an effective support system can’t be stressed enough.

The cost

Consulting your budget can’t be discounted, but that doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest option. For instance, choosing a cheaper option could translate to investing in a fast food solution over a forensic approach, a concern that could mean ineffective testing delivering ineffective results as you strive to up your marketing endeavors. As you consider the costs, evaluate the tool’s effect on your pages, as some could slow them, derailing the progress.

A simple and intelligent A/B testing tool can prove more productive than an overly sophisticated solution. With the above pointers, you are a step closer to choosing the best tool that matches your needs.

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