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Marketing Tips for Home Loan Professionals

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As a mortgage lender, you are constantly facing the pressure to find more effective ways to process a loan. Like any business, marketing is essential, specifically in the digital age. Your online presence should be prioritized over any other medium, as your ability to generate leads yields a higher return on investment through digital platforms. So if you’re a mortgage lender, consider these five tips for upping your digital marketing game.

Identify Your Target Audience(s)

Like every marketing strategy, identifying a primary audience is crucial. Creating too broad of an audience will hurt your ROI. For instance, you should target homebuyers or customers looking to refinance.

If you wish to attract both audiences, then you will need to create separate campaigns. Each audience will have a tailored message, which will generate more leads and referrals.

Invest In Content Marketing

“Content marketing is the crux of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not only does this benefit your rankings in search results, but it also establishes credibility. With well-written content, you can position your company as an authority in the industry,” said a spokesperson for a Florida mortgage lending company.

Adding helpful mortgage information in the form of written or visual content will also act as a supplemental resource to your website.

Create Facebook Advertising Campaigns

It’s no surprise that Facebook is one of the most active social media platforms. With billions of monthly users, it is an essential platform for marketing. Facebook marketing programs allow you to post incredibly relevant ads to target highly specific demographics.

For instance, if your business is located in the center of a major metropolitan city, you can target people living within a certain radius of your address. This way, you’re not only attracting those who live within the city, but also the suburbs as well. A fantastic way to market your business on Facebook is by promoting your blog-content in the form of a native advertisement.

Say you wrote an article about “The Top 5 Ways You Can Save Money Moving”. You can then promote the article as a sponsored post, which will not only directly market your brand but also your promote your content. This is a great way to introduce your company to a potentially cold audience.

Utilize Your Email List

One of the most important assets for any business is its email list. Email marketing has one of the highest conversions of any other digital channel. The reason why email marketing is so beneficial to your mortgage loan business is that you can connect and engage in a highly creative way.

Weekly or bi-weekly email blasts can potentially have an incredible impact on your business, as long as you are providing valuable and relevant content.

Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We all know this by now, but being on the first page of Google is one of, if not, the most important ways to market your business through search. Over 90% of all business decisions begin with a search engine. While it is possible to get to the first page of Google with SEO, the reality is, it can take a long time. This doesn’t mean you should ignore SEO at all – it will always be relevant!

Using Google AdWords is a simple way to promote your brand through Google search. You bid on certain keywords to get your company at the top of the search results. For example, when someone googles “mortgage lenders” with their city’s name in it, chances are the company that has invested in Google AdWords campaigns will be one of the first two results.

Google AdWords helps your company reach its full potential in an oversaturated market. A well-budgeted and researched Google AdWords strategy can have one of the most significant impacts on your lending business.

There are many nuances when it comes to marketing in the digital age, but the fact of the matter is, you need to tap into all methods to have a strong online presence.

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