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Words of Wisdom: 8 Female Entrepreneurs on How They Started Their Business

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Starting a business is never easy, and starting one from nothing may seem nearly impossible. But with hard work and strategic planning, these eight female entrepreneurs are proving that the impossible can become possible! From fruit puree to men’s footwear, these women are proving their business prowess, shaking up their industries, and making names for themselves every day.

Women are tough, and these movers and shakers have years of experience managing employees, mastering branding, and tackling all of the roadblocks that come with starting your own business. Whether you’re looking to follow in their footsteps with a business of your own or just need some creative inspiration, these eight stories of powerful female entrepreneurs will encourage you to make the most of your career.

1. Dana Matl — Fierce Fruit

Dana’s passion for quality fruit purees comes from her time spent in Colombia. For six years, she explored the land, culture, and people, getting to know the ways of life and unique fruits of South America. Her company, Fierce Fruit, has set the standard for real fruit purees with aseptic packaging and pasteurization processes that ensure premium quality for craft brewing, microbrewing, and homebrewing. 

Through years of hard work, research, and perseverance, Dana has built a successful business that’s transforming fruited beers, meads, and more! She proves that passion can go a long way, and this story of success is only just beginning.

2. Kirsten Thomas — Ayr Skincare

Kirsten Thomas started her business with a simple goal: find skin care products that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive, allergy-prone skin while serving the unique needs of dry, mature skin types. When her search of local stores proved fruitless, she began developing her own products over twenty years ago, which included studying the science of luxury skin care with experts in cosmetics chemistry.

After the success of her initial products, Kirsten expanded her business to include other soaps, moisturizers, creams, cleansers, and oils, all tested and formulated in her own lab — thus beginning Ayr Skin Care. Her products are all vegan, non-toxic, esthetician-approved, and hypoallergenic, so customers can feel confident in the quality of their skincare. Kirsten’s story shows how necessity can ignite new ideas and spark something amazing!

3. Amanda Maynard — Confête

An up-and-coming entrepreneur, Amanda began her career as a sports journalist, though she always had a passion for fashion. Confête came about as Amanda was looking for the perfect dress for her wedding rehearsal dinner. She couldn’t find dresses that fit her properly and were appropriate for the occasion, so after getting laid off due to COVID, she decided to start her own clothing business and use social media to boost her exposure! 

Amanda is a master of finding romantic, whimsical bridalwear and other styles for baby showers, parties, and holidays. Her story illustrates that it’s never too late to pursue your passion and there’s no such thing as a direct path to success!

4. Janelle Thomason — Cosmakery

With over 20 years of experience as an award-winning makeup artist, Janelle Thomason has created Cosmakery: a female-owned, female-run makeup brand that enhances your natural, radiant beauty for the perfect 9-to-5 or Instagram-ready look. She keeps things sweet and simple with easy-to-use kits and sets that won’t overcomplicate your daily routine.

With complete ownership of her company, Janelle proves that you can create your own success through hard work and dedication. In her journey to empower and celebrate women, she prioritizes other female-owned companies, inspiring and supporting others as they pursue their passions.

5. Kelly Dall Antonia— Walls by Me

Relationships can inspire all kinds of creativity — for Kelly Dall Antonia, her friend’s business in Brazil proved to be her spark of genius! Walls by Me takes a fresh approach to interior decorating with durable peel-and-stick removable wallpaper. 

Perfect for the indecisive homeowner or someone who likes to switch things up, Kelly came up with dozens of creative designs that inspire people to let their creativity flow freely. She shows that a love for interior design extends beyond the home and can turn into a successful business. 

6. Jennifer Oppenheim — Just Men’s Shoes

“Starting as a manufacturer, I wanted the opportunity to build the relationship between my brand and my customers,” said Jennifer Oppenheim, owner of Just Men’s Shoes. “I expanded my business since I believed in all my designs and wanted to offer them in a wide range of colors. With the online shopping world expanding, I jumped on board and filled the void in the market that many other brands were not willing to address. The variety of colors and styles offered by Just Men’s Shoes sets us apart from our competitors. The customer was always there — now there is a product to fulfill the demand. My passion for footwear motivates me to continue to work hard and not give up, even with all the uncertainties and challenges thrown my way.”

Jennifer proves that women can master any market, and her commitment to stylish, high-quality footwear is what sets her apart from other competitors.

7. Katherine Swift — Resin Obsession

Katherine has been making jewelry since 2001, but she never imagined it would get this big. After the stock market crash, she decided to dedicate herself full-time to her own business: Resin Obsession. Because precious metal and silver prices were skyrocketing, she switched to using resin. This allowed for more unique designs and lower costs for both her and her customers. 

For Katherine, honesty is the number one priority, and her products are focused on helping people find their unique style and giving them the tools to make high-quality, beautiful resin jewelry. For her, resin is more than a craft — it’s an obsession! 

8. Patti Varrelmann — GGblue

GGblue is a name wrought out of love. Patti was an avid golfer for years, and she wanted better activewear for all. 

“I founded my clothing line because of my twin passions for fashion and golf,” she explained. “I’m a lifelong golfer, and my friends have always complimented me on my unique athletic clothing. After having my children, I wanted to stay home but still wanted to work. I began to consider launching my own clothing line. While on vacation at Cabo San Lucas, I sketched my first design on a cocktail napkin when I couldn’t sleep one night. The rest is history! I named the company after my daughter, Georgia Grace, who has blue eyes.”

This mama shows us all that your kids can be your inspiration and encourage you to be your best every day. 

Feeling inspired? We certainly hope so! These women prove that you can follow your dreams no matter your stage in life or your situation. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but these inspiring women showcase the strength, creativity, and ambition that lives in us all.

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