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In-Depth Review on Latest Tech Features of Nissan Note

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The new Nissan Note officially launched in Japan and Nissan will start selling the car on December 23, 2020. The new Note comes with the second-generation e-Power technology along with various significant changes in the exterior and interior.

In 2016, the Note e-Power became a hot seller after it went on sale in Japan. The presence of the latest Nissan Note is expected to be able to bring e-Power technology to many customers. Once you experience e-Power technology, you will immediately know why e-Power has been well received by customers.

e-Power offers unique linear and exhilarating acceleration for 100% electric motor drive, but without the limitation of battery charging. This is the power of e-Power. However, Nissan doesn’t just focus on embedding the e-Power. You can notice that the new Nissan Note has undergone changes to its interior design and has super-advanced safety technology.

Latest Design of Nissan Note 

Exterior Design

The new Note features Nissan’s latest design concept, Timeless Japanese Futurism. Through this concept, Nissan tries to present a modern vehicle with its characteristics to differentiate the Nissan Note from other compact cars.

The Nissan-style V-motion grille adorns the exterior, right below the headlights. The sleek headlamp design with four LED projectors keeps the front sharp and sporty. This model comes in 13 colour variations, including two choices with two colours in one car body. There’s also the new Opera Mauve colour, made especially for the Note.

Interior Design

The new Note comes with a spacious and comfortable interior space, as an answer for many people who think that compact cars have a narrow cabin. Not only comfortable, but this car has also been provided with the latest technology that makes it even more amazing.

The centre console is positioned to facilitate the driver’s hand to the reduced electronic shift lever. The Zero Gravity seat and large armrests offer comfort, especially when travelling long distances.

The Features

The advanced technology in the new Nissan Note allows the driver to get information quickly. When you enter the cabin, you will see a large screen providing information about the vehicle and navigation details. The centre console offers wireless smartphone battery charging.

Besides, e-Power technology has been extensively redeveloped. This technology will generate more power, a higher quality driving experience and increased efficiency. All new Note variants also have a completely electric all-wheel-drive system, with dual electric motors at the front and rear supplying power to all four wheels.

The second-generation e-Power system has a new electric motor and inverter. The torque of the electric motor has been increased by 10% and power by 6%, resulting in powerful acceleration from standing up or when passing other vehicles.

The e-Power control technology has been designed to achieve smoother acceleration and significantly increase cab quietness. The new inverter is 40% smaller and 30% lighter. The gasoline engine used to generate electrical energy is also more fuel-efficient.

The latest Nissan Note also has advanced safety technology that offers a 360-degree view to make it easier for drivers on the road. Drivers can also enjoy Nissan’s ProPILOT feature with Navi-link, which synchronizes with the navigation system on the road and detects speed limit signs to adjust speed.

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