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6 Best Apps for Working Remotely from Home

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According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work remotely has upped by 140% since 2005.

What was once inconceivable is now a mainstream reality. Over the last decade especially, the evolution of technology has enabled us to work from the comfort of our homes. 

Moreover, research further shows that small companies are now more inclined to hire full-time remote workers. And there’s a reason for this — with remote workers, you don’t have to invest in building office spaces, and your utility bill and equipment cost minimizes. 

With that said, not everyone utilizes the right set of toolkits to streamline the work-from-home experience. This results in decreased productivity and added frustration. 

With the right apps, telecommuting becomes nothing short of a blessing. So, let’s have a look at a few essential apps that you must count on to work remotely in full swing. 

1. Clockify

When you work from home, your employer usually has a hard time accepting that you are actually working rather than slacking off. On the other hand, sometimes you want to show your employers the amount of hard work and time you put into your work.

Clockify is a time tracking app that allows you and your team to record and track work hours.

Just one glance at the dashboard, and you get fairly comprehensive details on what the employees are working on. Moreover, once the project completes, a report is generated that displays the time employees dedicated to each task. 

The best part about Clockify is that it allows you to add up to 50 custom fields to your time entries. Numbers, text, links, “yes/no” buttons, are some of the fields you could add. 

2. Zoom

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom emerged as one the most popular platforms for conducting remote meetings. 

This versatile meeting app allows you to conduct audio and video conferencing, run webinars and hold both 1-1 and group training sessions. 

In fact, Zoom is one of the best platforms you could conduct a team meeting on, owing to its great features. It allows you to record videos, gives you the option to share a screen, set an interesting virtual background, and send both personal and group messages during the meeting. 

Coming with the feature that supports up to 100 participants and up to 50,000 view-only members, Zoom is a must-have app when it comes to conducting online meetings. 

3. Just10

It might come off as a rather strange choice of app in this list, but let’s not form an opinion too quickly. 

Think about it: while you’re working with your teammates on a spreadsheet, your coworker makes a silly typo. You want to roast your coworker but, how would you? Of course, you wouldn’t want to send an email about it. 

Here’s where you could make good use of Just10. When work gets on your nerves and stress takes over, Just10 adds zest to your work by adding an amusing touch to your remote working setup. 

This app provides a great social networking platform that helps you blow off steam and work in a friendly atmosphere. It provides a seamless app experience like airG scam free apps, along with providing you private space to connect and share.

Just10 allows you to add up to 10 of your closest friends; so, get ready to have a private space where you redefine your working setup by adding some inside jokes, banters, and whatnot!  

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Well, you don’t necessarily need to have your office computer at home in order to use it. Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to safely access your computer from virtually anywhere.

All you need to have is an access URL that you enter into the web browser on your tablet, phone, or a different computer, and Voila! 

Not to mention, Chrome Remote Desktop comes with an extension that allows you faster access to your computer.  

Other than Remote Access, Remote Support, and Screen Sharing, another key feature is that Chrome Remote Desktop lets you connect your device with your teammates. Not only does it ensure that you access your device, but it enables your colleagues to view and interact with your system as well. 

5. Spark

Research shows that 28% of the average person’s workweek is spent managing emails — that adds up to around 11 hours. 

While some people make the most of emails to manage their work, emails can also come off as a serious productivity killer for others. Here’s when Spark comes into play. 

Spark is an intelligent email management app that collects and sorts your emails from multiple accounts — allowing you to arrange your emails in terms of priority or snooze them for later. 

But it doesn’t end here! 

Thanks to the collaborative tools Spark offers, your entire team could work on the same email remotely. This ensures that every concerned person could provide information on the email in real-time and in the absence of any delays and chaos. 

6. Google Drive

If we bring file storage and synchronization under the spotlight, then look no further than Google Drive. 

With Google Drive, you not only get to store and share your files but also get to join forces with its online word editors, presentation slides, and spreadsheets. 

This multifaceted app allows you to compose project proposals, write blog posts, and manage business documentation through Google Docs.

Moving forward, Google Sheets lets you organize statistical data, whereas Google Slides ensures that you are able to create high-quality presentations for clients and colleagues. 

The best thing about Google Drive is that you could work collaboratively on any type of document and all the changes synchronize and save on their own. 

The Bottom Line

See, remote working was introduced to break the 9-5 wheel and provide flexibility to  employees. However, many of us fail to manage things when we work from home; consequently, compromising on our personal life and relationships. 

When you make use of these apps, you will increase your productivity levels and surely be able to get the job done at the right time. So, take full advantage of them and take good care of your mental and physical health. 

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