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How Online Stores Can Improve Their Product Pages

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Do you own and operate an online storefront? Do you feel like it should be doing much better than it is? Are sales not exactly living up to your goals and you’re unsure where the disconnect is? Everyone is well aware of the fact that the ecommerce industry is booming right now, but that doesn’t mean all stores are guaranteed to be successful and profitable. It still takes the right steps and actions on the part of these stores to ensure they appeal to customers and bring in the sales.

One issue could be the product pages themselves. If they aren’t up to par, they could be harming your bottom line. So, what are the steps you could take to fix the problem? Here we’ll look at some of the ways online stores can in fact improve their product pages, and then potentially see the results where sales are concerned.

Make Sure Pages Load Smoothly and Quickly

The first tip has to do with speed and efficiency. If your product pages are slow to load, there is a very high chance you’ll lose that customer and a potential sale. It’s truly as simple as that. People don’t have the patience to wait for pages to load, even just a few seconds of waiting can be enough for them to click off and go to a competitor’s page.

Optimize the Pages for Mobile Use

It’s also very important to recognize that a big chunk of online shopping is done on smartphones, not on actual computers and laptops. This means you need to ensure all product pages and the entire site is optimized for mobile use. What this means is that the pages will look the same on a smartphone as they do on a desktop.

Use Charts and Graphics to Display Important Information

Another tip is to embrace charts, graphics, and pictures in order to better show product offerings. Don’t just tell your customer about your offerings, show them in a way that makes sense and sparks interest. Take, for example, this company that uses graphs and photos in an effective way, like their capsule size table. Customers can easily read about the offerings, do a quick comparison using the chart, and come to an informed decision.

Improve Navigation On the Site

Navigation should also be addressed. Visitors want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The best solution is to provide a search tool so they can simply type in the item they want. It’s also a good idea to include drop-down menus that break products into categories. Again, this helps with navigation.

Only Use High-Quality Photos

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to upload photos that are poor quality or that don’t show the product properly. Images should always be the highest quality, and ideally, you want to include a few images taken from different angles.

You will also see that some ecommerce stores offer 360 degree views of products, which gives visitors a way to actually interact with the image. 

Make Sure the Description is Concise and Thorough

It can be very frustrating for shoppers to click on a product description only to find one or two brief sentences or points. Aim for concise and thorough product descriptions that can answer all potential customers’ shoppers may have. This should include such details as the size or dimension of the item, the material it is made from, care instructions, all the standout features, and any other pertinent information.

Include Customer Reviews

Many customers will say that reviews are among the most helpful items on the product page. Often, this gives them a better sense of how the product may work and fit into their lifestyle. At the same time, it’s important you allow the reviews to be unbiased, meaning you don’t go in there and delete the negative reviews. This will pull into question your company’s credibility and trust.

The CTA Needs to Be Easy to Spot

Of course, the call to action also needs to be easy to spot. This could be an “add to cart” button or “buy now” button, whatever you like. It’s a good idea to also give customers the ability to adjust the quantity next to that CTA button.

Give Customers a Way to Ask Questions

Finally, it should be easy for shoppers to contact your customer service department should there be any questions. Making sure your “contact us” information is clear on every page should also be a priority.

A Marked Improvement on the Site

By using all of these tips and making sure you stay on top of the changes and product pages, you should start to see a marked improvement where engagement, browsing, and sales are concerned on your website.

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