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What Type of Businesses Rely Heavily on SEO in 2021?

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2020 and the growth of SEO

Everything went to hell in a hand-basket in 2020. For obvious reasons. COVID changed not only consumer habits but the way they interacted with the world at large. In a nutshell, COVID accelerated the rise of the digital economy. Before COVID, most businesses were already tackling what is commonly known as “digital mandate”, migrating some of their business to the internet. They were carefully shifting their models from tangible to the virtual. Chasing the growth at a speed they could manage while also trying to stay relevant and competitive. COVID sped that change — a massive transition of most businesses to an online space. SEO suddenly, to stay relevant and to stay competitive, became the lifeline of most industries. 

A Shifting Paradigm

The massive, almost overnight, conversion – from brick and mortar to digital – created a bottleneck effect. Most businesses started to scramble over one another trying desperately to attract audiences. 

That progression was further exacerbated by Apple’s iOs 14 update. New policies from that giant requiring apps to ask for permission before collecting user data. The update restricting 3rd party cookies and putting a dent on Facebook and Google’s tracking software — steamrolling, to a degree, the top-funnel provider’s ability to segregate ads and generate conversions. 

Companies were left with a couple of alternatives given these two disheartening scenarios.

How could they effectively compete with their peers? How could they optimize ROI and attract clients?

MVP (Most Valuable Post) content became their winning strategy. They started to adapt their marketing platforms around the idea of content creation, and, more importantly, SEO optimization. Why? Mainly because Google – the main search engine – still relies heavily on SEO for SER. They need writers, and companies, to a degree, to help their bots out in order for their algorithm to properly index content and present it to users. 

What Businesses Need SEO

The reality is that all businesses, if they depend on internet traffic and attracting an audience, require professional SEO services. They have implemented different efforts in Search Engine Optimization strategies. Right now, humans are creating the equivalent of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. That means that a business, no matter its market, has to make a considerable effort to stand out. 

SEO is still one of the most potent and important digital marketing strategies out there. It is the best technique to drive long-term results and generate organic search results. A study by Bright Edge unveiled that organic traffic – partly generated by SEO measures – is responsible for over 51% of a website’s visitors. Meanwhile, paid advertising only generates 14% and social media only accounts for 5%.

Markets that need SEO

1. Restaurants 

Restaurants have been hard hit by COVID and many had no other choice but to invest heavily in their online platforms — particularly delivery. Also, restaurants have visits that range between 1 million to 10 million. They have a lot of competition and need SEO to stand out. 

2. Dentists 

Over 200,000 dentists are practicing in the United States right now and the profession is growing. Dentists are bulking a lot of their efforts in creating online funnel channels. 

3. Attorneys 

Attorneys are one of the most searched terms and professions on the net. Most firms have a well-built and oiled digital marketing office. Why? Because they need SEO, not only to get an edge over their competition and draw in clients, but also as a method to promote their brand and their values. 

4. Florists 

There are over 55,000 florists in the United States. The industry includes over 12,600 shops and moves a combined sales of about $4.7 billion. Despite what you might think, it’s a heavily competitive market and one with a cut-throat mentality.

5. Auto Repair 

In 2020, there was a 1% increase in auto repair shops, which translates to over 6,500 new establishments. It’s an incredibly competitive field and one that invests in SEO and content creation to survive. 

6. Plumbers 

Between 2016-2026 experts project a 15-30% increase of professionals to enter the plumbing field. The industry is going to explode and this, in turn, will make SEO essential. 

7. Insurance

The insurance industry is one of the most important and largest out there. They have a HUGE marketing mechanism backing them up. They invest in just about everything, including SEO. Most insurance companies are shifting part of their business to e-commerce.

8. Real Estate Agents

1 out of  3 real estate agents fail. Most don’t know how to properly set goals and create key marketing plans. Listings in real estate now depend heavily on SEO measures and attracting potential clients. 

9. Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons were one of the most heavily hit markets due to COVID and restrictions. They needed to pivot when 2020 and Coronavirus hit. Most started to invest in SEO, not only to foment and promote their business but to create a second revenue stream through the use of cross-promotions and referrals. Most use affiliate marketing. 

10. Physicians

Healthcare professionals are feeling the brunt of COVID. Most invest in SEO not just to drive in clients but to attract sponsors, sell digital products, and galvanize their banner adverts. 

SEO for the Win

SEO is the major player behind a company’s content strategy model. It’s the only way someone – a potential client – will be able to visualize your offer, service, or product. It not only helps you rank better but also, through the use of different actions, incrementally boosts your passive revenue streams — the extra money you can make from your website or blog.

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