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9 Cool Digital Signage Content Ideas

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The digital signage industry is growing and how! More and more businesses are opening up to using digital signage solutions for enhancing their reach, engagement, user-brand interactions, and creating an impact in the minds of viewers. 

But for digital signage to look good, the content displayed plays an important role. Good content brings even the oldest of screens to life and if the content is not attractive enough most alluring screens also become outdated. Because at the end of the day content dominates the attention of viewers. 

So if you have been wondering what content to showcase, read this blog to find inspiration for some cool digital signage content ideas that you can incorporate into your digital signage displays. 

1. Social Walls 

If you have been putting effort into your social media marketing why not leverage it to bring your digital screens to life? 

A social wall is a smart strategy to showcase UGC, brand-generated content, testimonials, product descriptions, etc. Brands can choose to display feeds from social media generated via hashtags, mentions, keywords, handles, etc. on the social wall to attract the attention of  viewers, keep them engaged, build credibility and initiate interactions. 

2. Showcase Industry Trends

Showcasing the trends of the industry that your business caters to is yet another amazing way to lure the attention of your audience. 

Audiences will be engaged as information about the industry, current trends, strategies, stand out performances are displayed. It will not only add to their knowledge but also help in the image building of the brand in their minds. 

3. Visual Content That Creates an Impact

Showcasing visual content that has strong messages can create an impact on the audience’s mind for a longer period of time and they will want to come back to you for more. 

Showcasing brand  videos of customers sharing their experience, the making of the product, the mission and vision of the brand, etc. will create an impression of your authenticity which is non-negotiable to be able to grow. 

4. Display Ads

You can capitalize on your digital signage displays by displaying advertisements of your fellow businesses. 

For example, if you operate in the hospitality industry, you can collaborate with a brand in the food and beverages industry and run their ads on your digital signage display. This will not only help them expand their reach but also make the digital screen lucrative for you!

5. General Information

With digital signage, there is no lack of ideas. But if you are stuck, you can always showcase general information like news, weather forecasts, game scores, etc. 

Viewers are always looking for information that can add to their knowledge or make them aware of something. Leveraging digital signage, in this case, can be of great help as you can showcase news of popular games, happenings around the world, talk shows, interviews, etc. 

6. Talk about Your Employees 

Employees are your biggest advocates. Letting them take over your digital screen can be a real motivator for your audience to learn about your brand and invest in your deliverables. 

Showcase your work culture, top-level employees, fun briefs of them, job roles, the number of experiences that they have, etc. 

This will build credibility in the minds of viewers and attract talented personnel for your brand.  

7. Showcase Memes, Inspirational Quotes & Sayings

Who doesn’t like a little pick-me-up? Showcasing memes or inspirational quotes will motivate people or crack them up, which will keep them hooked to your digital signage display. 

This works as a great tactic to lure the attention of users, ignite their curiosity, and make them feel good. Also, this kind of content pushes them to know more about the brand as they will find it relatable. 

8. Tell Your Story 

People connect with people and trust them more than a faceless brand. Leverage digital signage displays to evoke an emotion in the audience’s mind by narrating your brand’s story. 

This will provide a human touch to your brand, creating more user engagement and an interest in wanting to explore your brand and its deliverables. This has become more important than ever because user expectations have undergone a massive shift which can be satisfied by personifying your brand via digital signage displays. 

9. Share Your Opinions

People want to know what activities brands take for the betterment of society or what opinions they hold on trending issues. 

Engaging in non-economic activities has become rather important to foster better brand-user trust. It will increase your authenticity in the minds of your users and might motivate them to initiate a conversion on your social media channels because of your opinions. 

Over to You

Digital signage displays have become an essential strategy to lure the attention of audiences and to keep them engaged with visuals that awe-inspire and move them. 

But, if the content isn’t up to the mark, all your efforts might be in vain. Use these cool digital signage content ideas to take your audience by storm. 

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