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7 SEO Trends and Changes that will Impact Businesses in 2021

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that works to improve the quality and quantity of traffic that a website receives by organically boosting the website’s presence on search engines. For example, when users search for a particular item, they usually visit the first few websites on the Search Engine Result Page, which indicates that the search engine ranks the websites high enough to put them on the first page of results. 

Search Engine Optimization is a way to improve a website’s visibility and promote it to higher ranks on the first page of results to attract more customers. 

To ensure that your website keeps appearing in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) higher ranks, SEO strategies need to be renewed time and again to correspond to Google’s evolving algorithm. 

Here are 7 SEO Trends and Changes that, if used effectively, will impact businesses in 2021

Mobile SEO 

Search engines have seen a mass shift of usage from desktops to mobile phones. Google estimates that about 73% of internet users are visiting websites from the convenience of their mobile phone. Mobile phone SEO has gained stark importance and is now more impactful than ever with Google’s mobile-first indexing, where Google looks primarily at the mobile versions of websites since this has displaced desktop versions of websites to become the primary version. Thus, focusing on Mobile SEO is important, and it is only gaining more momentum day by day. 

Voice Search 

The advent of voice search has transformed how users communicate with search engines. A hands-free, automated voice approach is on the upsurge. Based on recent trends about 55% of the global populace uses voice search to engage with their device; and voice search is only going to gain more popularity with emerging estimates stating that it will become a common sight to see a smart speaker in most households by 2022. To remain on top, businesses must figure out how to make their keywords similar to those used by people in everyday conversation to maximise results.

Keyword Research

Advancements have reached such a stage that people do not even have to type out a full word to get a series of search prompts before them. These instances where the engine attempts to decipher what the user is typing and provide probable search options are called Zero-click Searches. Businesses must devote more efforts to researching keywords that people might commonly use and what the algorithm may commonly interpret to maximise their position on the Search Engine Results Page and benefit from Zero-click Searches. 

Artificial Intelligence 

It is no surprise that Artificial Intelligence finds a mention on this list. AI is set to dominate SEO trends as it keeps changing the way we interact with our smartphones and search engines. AI helps promote and rank your website on the SERP, which obviously, gets more visitors to your website. Businesses should incorporate an understanding of AI and machine learning to help their SEO needs. Besides this, there are traditional ways of catching the attention of the search engine AI such as creating more engaging content, which allows users to spend more time on your page, and this time spent is noted by the AI, which uses it as a factor to boost your website. 

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are brief write up that provides you with the key to gaining prominence on the SERP. Featured Snippets appear at the top of the results in a rectangular box that provides brief but engaging content to attract the user. Maximising results from Featured Snippets should also focus on businesses as they help gain a significant amount of traffic through one quick peruse of the information in a well-structured form. 

Video Content

YouTube’s added boost to SEO is set to come to the forefront in 2021 as more users every day are engaging with the video-sharing platform. A business’ SEO strategy could receive an added impetus with video content. A business can optimize video SEO by using the channel name and description to favour and embed keywords within the video content to get a better ranking on the SERP. Moreover, even YouTube assists with providing the right keywords whenever you type something in the description box. The suggestions that are prompted to the user are nothing but keywords that others have been looking for on the video-sharing platform. 

Core Web Vitals 

Google announced that in 2021, Core Web Vitals would play an important part as a ranking factor. Businesses looking to maximise SEO should focus on key aspects of their websites as well. This means that SEO will focus on the experience the user has on the page of a business. The Core Web Vitals that most users seem to be on the hunt for are – Mobile Friendliness, Safe Browsing, HTTPS Security, and Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines. Businesses will now have to make efforts on their website to meet user requirements. Websites should give the user a good experience, quick response and loading time and should be easy to navigate on a mobile device. By focussing on these aspects of the user’s experience, a website can stand a chance to achieve higher ranks on the SERP. 


The above comprise the trends that businesses should follow to garner more customer attention for their websites and maximise their SEO. 

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