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How SEO Can Boost Conversions

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If you work in the competitive fashion industry, odds are you already know it’s important to take all possible steps to stand out in the crowd. This is particularly true in the digital age, when you may be selling your products online.

When selling fashion online, you need to optimize your conversion rate. In this context, your conversion rate refers to the rate at which customers buy products from your website.

A proper SEO strategy can play a very significant role in improving your conversion rate. The following points will help you better understand how:

Attracting Visitors

It’s a basic point, but it’s an essential one. When your SEO strategy is strong, your pages are more likely to rank high in the results pages when users perform relevant searches. The more people see your pages and click on your links, the better the odds your conversion rate will be high.

Don’t overlook the importance of ranking high in search results. Research indicates pages that show on the second page of search results account for a mere 6% of online clicks.

Attracting the Right Visitors

This may sound similar to the point above, but to a degree, it’s a separate point.

The fact that many people visit your site doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a desirable conversion rate. There are plenty of reasons you could have a relatively low conversion rate despite your pages attracting a fairly high amount of traffic.

For instance, maybe the people who find your pages and click on them aren’t the types of people to buy your products. They click on your pages because they get the impression that they’ll find what they’re looking for on them, but when they see what you’re actually offering, they may realize they were mistaken.

A proper SEO strategy won’t merely attract visitors. It will attract visitors most likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

Reaching Online Shoppers

Did you know that mobile Internet browsing is now more popular than desktop browsing? Similarly, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to make purchases via their mobile devices.

SEO specialists account for these types of trends when developing and implementing their strategies. For example, a smart SEO professional will know it’s important to optimize a page for a mobile device by ensuring the content can easily be scanned on a small mobile screen and confirming the page functions properly on a smartphone or tablet. When your SEO strategy involves optimizing your site for mobile, naturally, you’ll be more likely to make sales to customers shopping via mobile devices.

Ensuring Functionality

That last point touched on an important detail that some overlook when developing SEO strategies. Although including the right keywords and formatting content appropriately are certainly critical elements of an SEO strategy, they’re not the only factors to consider. SEO also involves a technical side. You need to ensure your site performs reliably for your SEO strategy to deliver ideal results.

It’s easy to understand the role site performance may play in your conversion rate. A visitor is simply far less likely to make a purchase than they otherwise might be if your site is laggy or otherwise has performance issues. An SEO strategy should address this.

Focusing on User Intent

When developing an SEO strategy and researching which keywords to use in your content, it’s important to consider user intent. People use different types of keywords for different types of searches.

For example, someone typing in “red dress” may be searching for a red dress to buy, but that might not necessarily always be the case. Maybe they’re looking for images of red dresses. Maybe they’d like to buy a red dress in the future and are thus looking for ideas, but they don’t plan on making a purchase anytime soon.

On the other hand, a search for “red dress on sale” or “buy red dress” will likely be made by someone ready to make a purchase. An SEO strategy will leverage these types of keywords to ensure the guests your pages attract are prepared to buy a product.

All that said, SEO can be complex. You might not have the qualifications or time to develop and implement a strategy yourself. If not, strongly consider hiring a marketing agency to help. Experts will work with you to ensure your strategy yields optimal results. For more information on this topic, check out the article “20 Digital Marketing Tips for Fashion Businesses.”

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