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The 2021 Android App Releases We’re Most Excited About

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Android app developers push the boundaries of on-screen entertainment, health, fitness, learning, and more every day. Every newly released app promises to make our phone or tablet experience better.

However, even if there are hundreds of new launches every day, it doesn’t mean that the best Android apps are easy to find. Oftentimes, you have to download a few apps in the same category to find the best one. And that’s not only time-consuming, but also expensive if you opt for paid apps.

This selection might help. We’ve put together a list of top Android apps launched in 2021 that won’t disappoint you. Scroll down to find apps that will help you expand your knowledge, manage your phone better, or play memorable games.

Top Android Apps to Download in 2021

1. Skoove: Learn How to Play Piano

If you never thought you could play piano, we’ve got good news for you: anyone can do it, with the right guidance. The Android version of Skoove is user-friendly and ideal for beginners, adults and children alike. It will take you through the basics of piano playing and through more advanced lessons.

Why trust it?

Skoove is already a household name for piano aficionados. Even though the Android app only launched in August 2021, they have been online for a long time – one of the top three piano apps worldwide, in fact. Their lessons specialize in making piano learning a very unique and individual experience for everyone. Skoove has integrated Artificial Intelligence within the app, which allows them to give you individualized feedback as you play, and tailor the lessons to you and your opportunity areas, not the other way around. The app’s teaching methods make it easy to learn and practice notes, chords and technique. Plus, you can also learn how to play by ear.

2. Glitch Lab

Looking for a really good glitch digital effect app? This is your safest bet!

Glitch Lab offers over 100 effects, most of them customizable, so you can make sure that your effects will look and feel unique. In fact, you can even generate images from scratch and then take them through as many effects and edits as you want.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to create stunning digital art even in the free version of the app. The paid version offers access to more effects and a better quality output.

3. DoodleLens

OK, this app is more fun than anything, but who doesn’t need a good source of fun on their phone? With DoodleLens you can have augmented reality fun and share it with the world.

Start by doodling something on a piece of paper, then point the camera at the doodle. Within the app, you can copy and paste it on the world around you in AR.

Better yet, you can change the doodle color and even create some basic animations with multiple doodles. With a bit of patience, you can even create your own short film within the app. It’s safe and harmless fun, so why not?

4. Melon DS

Fancy some old-school games without investing too much in a console? Then you’ll love MelonDS, a newly-released Nintendo DS emulator. Much like any other emulator, all you have to do is put in the game ROM, load it, and enjoy the game.

MelonDS also comes with a customizable software controller, various themes (dark or light), fast forward support, and, of course, Bluetooth controller support. Right now, the app is in early access beta.

MelonDS is free and open source and it promises to be a real competitor for DraStic DS Emulator.

5. Camo

This release has been one of the most sought after Android apps. Camo is the mobile version of the popular desktop app that allows you to use your phone as your camera on your computer.

You can control it from your computer and get a better camera than the usual webcams. Say hello to hi-def Zoom calls!

The app comes with multiple features like different resolutions, front and back camera support, switching between multiple Android devices, and more. Bonus: you can integrate with more than 40 apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Twitch, and others.

6. The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy

This app is a must-have for any astronomy lover or for anyone with a curious mind. The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy works like a Shazam for the stars. Open the app and point the camera at the sky above you. The app will tell you what stars, planets, and constellations are in that specific area.

You can use the app to identify celestial bodies in close proximity, but also those that you can’t see with the naked eye or with a telescope. The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy also has some learning features: you can tap on the names of the planets, stars, and constellations identified by the app to learn more about them.

Moreover, you can also see and identify spacecraft, along with over 9,000 stars, hundreds of moons, 88 constellations, and countless comets, asteroids, and other deep-sky objects featured. Yes, it’s just like having an interactive map of the sky in your pocket. The app is free to use, but there is also a paid version that removes the ads and unlocks professional astronomy features, with more than 100,000 stars included.

Ready to learn and have some fun? These apps should keep you busy for a while! Plus, we can vouch that some of them will quickly get to your home screen – that’s how often you’ll use them!

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