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Top 4 Search Engine Alternatives to Algolia Search

The main task of every company in the field of e-commerce is to help potential buyers find what  they need using a site search engine. To achieve this goal, brand owners must choose an effective  web search engine that effectively performs key tasks and helps increase conversion rates. 

There are various platforms that offer products for internet search. 

One of the most interesting and popular search options is Algolia. This smart system provides  users with a rich search experience that contains filters, query suggestions, clarifications, and  more. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, people easily find what they are looking for on sites  that use Algolia search. 

However, Algolia is not the only effective search engine that can be implemented on a website.  In this article, we will consider various platforms that compete with Algolia search.

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Site Search Engine with MeiliSearch Source Code

An excellent alternative to Algolia search is the new-generation search engine known as  MeiliSearch. It provides a wide range of different configuration tools that can accommodate the  needs of every type of e-commerce business. Communication is generated through the API and  RESTful, which many users are already familiar with. For site visitors, conducting a search  seems intuitive and simple.

Advantages and capabilities of the MeiliSearch system 

  • Search by synonyms 
  • Autofill in the search bar
  • Support for different languages
  • Results when querying with typos
  • Many filters
  • Stop words
  • Customizable relevance 

 This search engine is not suitable for large volumes of search traffic, but it can be a great  match for startups in the e-commerce market.

Intelligent Search with Evinent’s Artificial Intelligence System

Evinent is a web search engine that is suitable for any company with an online presence, search  and information databases, service providers, online libraries, and more. This program is easily  integrated with e-commerce platforms, including Weebly, Magento and many others. Evinent  Search can be connected to existing infrastructure, which significantly reduces the time for  integration. 

The Evinent smart search engine allows you to increase sales up to 30 percent with these  features: 

  • Autofill function
  • Relevant search and filter settings
  • Ability to clarify lists for relevant search results
  • Correction of spelling errors
  • Morphology
  • Support for different languages
  • Search by synonyms
  • Transliteration
  • Search history
  • Voice search

In addition, Evinent Search provides search-query analytics, including tools for auditing words,  viewing charts, tables, and more. 

Unlike Algolia search and many other platforms, Evinent has a fixed cost per month with no  restrictions on the number of requests. This platform also has a convenient admin panel to easily  track statistics and manage synonyms. 

A unique Evinent search algorithm is created for each e-commerce brand. 

To evaluate some of Evinent Search’s best features, you can use the free trial version, which  includes dynamic filters, a programming guide, individual search designs, and more.

Web Search Engine

This search platform was built from scratch and offers flexible search with instant results. differs from Algolia search by having a different approach to work. The developers  consider the search as a database, offering a more accelerated process of ranking the results. This 

program has built-in machine learning, which improves the performance of the system and  provides a significant advantage. uses powerful models for understanding queries by size, shape, brand, and more. There  are also redirects, synonyms, the ability to search with spelling errors, and support for multiple  languages. The company has added a new feature for understanding requests: pipelines. These define a  series of steps performed sequentially when indexing a record or executing a query. This is  necessary in order to give customers more relevant results. With the help of pipelines, business  owners can configure smart search algorithms, set rules for prioritizing results, and conduct A/B  testing of algorithms.

Web Search Engine Swiftype

Many people choose the Swiftype program when looking for a search engine. Swiftype is a  smart search platform that, like Algolia, helps to sell more. The program matches its competitors  in terms of capabilities and provides the following range of functions to make life easier for  website users:

  • Autofill
  • Clarifications on various attributes
  • Spelling corrections
  • Stemming and synonyms
  • Matching phrases

Swiftype also has analytics, allowing companies to analyze queries and improve search  performance. In addition, this data makes it possible for companies to determine the needs of  their target audiences and prioritize products that are most likely to perform well with customers.

How to Choose a Site Search Engine to Guarantee a Higher Conversion Rate

A company’s choice of web search engine should depend entirely on the scale of the business  and the intended purpose of the search bar. Before buying, you can test the various systems to  evaluate their capabilities.  

For example, it’s usually possible to connect the free version of a search engine and evaluate its  main functions. You can learn the principles of analytics or other features that the platform will  provide for free.

You should look at examples of site search that maximize the power of artificial intelligence. AI  helps improve the individual user experience, reduce search errors, perform key functions, and  save time.  

It is also important to pay attention to which systems will easily integrate with other platforms  and connect to existing infrastructure. Not many search engines offer this capability.  

We hope that among the alternatives to Algolia, you will find the best type of search for your  company. The right match will integrate quickly and provide customers with an enhanced range  of shopping opportunities on your platform. 

Personalize your user experience to improve conversion rates and return better profits.

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