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6 Practical Tips on How to Start a Side Hustle in 2022 (Along with Your Day Job)

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Making your break in ecommerce or other feasible side hustle is your best way to lasting financial stability. And finding out how to start a side hustle doesn’t mean you need to ditch your day job.

You can also start your side hustles from home and get guaranteed freedom to do whatever you want.

Many successful ecommerce businesses usually start their concepts as a side job. You could be behind the next big ecommerce brand; all you need to succeed is the right guidance.

In this guide, you’ll find six (6) vital tips to help bring your side hustle ideas to life. Taking cues from the information this article has to offer increases your chances of success from your preferred side hustle.

1. Draft Your Business Plan

Drawing up a business plan is the safest way to start a successful side hustle. You need to create a business plan that details every step of your side hustle(s) journey to success.

Your business plan has to be concise and susceptible to change. Drafting a business plan makes it easy to see what additional factors are necessary for your hustle to thrive.

Your business plan should contain:

  • an executive summary detailing what problems your business will be solving (usually 1 page)
  • a description of your target market (demographics and socio-economic information) and how to approach and sell to them
  • your business model (how to deliver value to customers through your products or services)
  • a detailed analysis of your competition (SWOT analysis of competitors and what makes your product better than theirs)
  • Financials (costing, cash flow, profits, budgets, forecasting, etc.)

With all these and a few more, your business plan will be complete and ready to guide your hustles.

2. Determine the Best Business to Set Up

In this case, the first thing to consider is scheduling. Allowing your side hustle get in the way of your day job could get you into financial trouble.

You need to choose businesses that allow you run its affairs without hurting the financial safety your current job provides. Most great options that come to mind include dropshipping and other forms of ecommerce.

If any other business endeavor works well with your schedule, nothing stops you from making it your top choice.

3. Leverage Resources at Your Disposal

Get the needed funds for your new side hustle from friends, family, or your savings. You can also approach a credit facility if you plan to repay with what you earn from your day job.

4. Give Your Side Hustle a Name

Naming your side hustle gives it an identity that’s different from your competition and sets you apart on the market. Select a name that’s easy for customers to remember: two or three syllables should be enough.

5. Legitimize Your Business

Getting your business recognized by the authorities could become necessary, especially if you plan to scale sooner rather than later. Take the following steps to give your side hustle enough footing to expand without hitches later on:

  • Establish a credit profile for your business
  • Apply for a business tax ID
  • Get an FEIN (if necessary)
  • Incorporate your business (if necessary)
  • Open a checking and savings account for your business
  • Avoid debt

Following these steps eases the growth of your side hustle and keeps your business running legally without hassle.

6. Get a Good Place to Sell

Many ecommerce marketplaces provide a great platform to people keen on side hustles to market their services. You need to get your product on sale through a massive marketplace, like Sellvia for example.

Following all the steps above without fulfilling this vital part may make your services inaccessible to your target customers.

Go Live!

After taking the six steps above, you’re ready to kick-start your side hustle and start raking in significant profits. And it’s a smart move to keep learning about how to make your side hustle(s) sustainable and more appealing to customers.

Who knows?

With the right input, your side hustle could become your main job some day! And if you plan to start your side hustles from home, taking cues from the steps above sets you on the right track!

Make sure you keep improving your side hustle to get nothing but a longer bottom line every time!

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