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SEO – A Sign of the Times

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It’s not hard to see that the world is becoming smaller and more and more competitive for business everywhere. Today, consumers enjoy low prices and superior brand experiences as a result of cut-throat competition, whilst companies fight to stay afloat. 

I’ve been a witness to the sporadically changing business landscape over the years and have often found myself heartbroken at seeing familiar brands and products disappear. Over the last decade, the UK has accepted digitisation with open arms, but for businesses that could not, or would not follow suit, times have been tough.

Out with the old and in with the new – is more pertinent than ever. However, digitisation did not only clear out older businesses incapable of evolving, it opened up the market to millions of small and micro businesses, all competing to get a slice of the action. 

This increased competition has given the word “hustle” a new meaning. Companies large and small have been forced to engage with their audience innovatively, and deploy strategies that will ensure market dominance. As a result, most businesses now partner with a specialist SEO company in the UK

More Than Just a Concept

SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, has become the most important tool for companies over the last decade. This is because search engines have emerged as the most accessible and widely-used technology this century. 

Think about it – search engines like Google and Bing are used practically every day, by the majority of the world’s population. Whether it’s sourcing information, reading the news, shopping, or paying bills – we use search engines to perform the most elementary day-to-day tasks. Some estimates state that there are 5.6 billion searches performed on Google every single day!

This increased use of virtual services has forced companies to take their marketing endeavours online, making search engine optimisation one of the most sought after strategies to increase visibility, customer acquisition, and conversions. 

SEO is reliant on a number of factors including the code used, the content deployed, the links made and much more besides. While the specific coding of your website may not play an active role in defining your site’s ranking, it does play an important role in the overall performance. For this reason, technical SEO practices must be exercised. 

Content too plays a crucial role in defining the success of a website. Many go so far as to say that content is king. Any form of content, be it written, audiovisual, or graphic, should be directed towards the end consumer and be highly engaging. Appealing content results in higher traction and brand engagement which consequently leads to higher conversions. Strategically placing keywords in all formats of content ensures the right audience is targeted. 

Get Noticed 

Every brand wants to get noticed by its target demographic. It all begins with having a well-designed website that has been indexed by Google, along with other search engines. Getting your site recognised by engines involves a number of endeavours such as; back-linking, keyword integration, and of course, having your domain mapped by Google’s crawlers. 

Creating a long-lasting and interactive virtual presence is a matter of expertise and it requires a great deal of know-how to execute correctly. Getting yourself noticed in an ocean of brands is not an easy task and therefore requires diligent and consistent efforts. The truth is that getting noticed is just one of the things that SEO can do for your business. Once you’ve achieved substantial traction, the fight then turns to maintaining your market position. SERPs (search engine ranking pages) is what it’s all about. 

It’s a commonly known fact that the first five websites on google’s search result page get the most traffic. This means they experience the most conversions and are also considered the most authoritative by Google. Building authority goes a long way when strategising a long-term plan. 

This can be achieved by getting your content featured on authoritative websites, and by having popular guest writers cover your brand, etc. When Google considers your site to be trustworthy and authentic, it will begin recommending you organically to people with similar interests. 

As any SEO expert will tell you, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic your site can get. Organic traffic refers to website traffic that’s generated without any paid links. The only drawback is that generating ‘OG’ traffic takes a long time. Nevertheless, its efficacy is undebatable. 

Here I must tell you that creating and executing a successful SEO campaign is not child’s play. It requires time, knowledge, and an intimate understanding of ever-changing technologies. I was once misled into believing that SEO is something that can be mastered by watching a few YouTube videos – This is a blatant lie! Experimenting with your brand without the appropriate technical understanding will most certainly be detrimental to your website and marketing endeavours. 

As a result of your misadventures, you’ll likely have to hire a professional to undo the damage you’ve caused, adding to the overall cost of your campaign. Instead, connect with a professional and renowned SEO company in the UK before you launch yourself in at the deep end. 

My recommendation is to partner with a professional SEO expert such as WebChoice. WebChoice has been a pillar of support for me with all aspects of marketing and growth. My business has experienced a tangible increase in revenue, along with a stream of new customers, which is all down to the campaigns they’ve executed. 

Furthermore, with the help of WebChoice I’ve now become somewhat of an authority! I get more enquiries and requests for advice than I ever have before, and I find in answering these questions I am reinforcing a sense of trust amongst my customers. Before WebChoice, my website saw double-digit traffic, but from the first month of partnering with them, I’ve had to change my hosting plans to accommodate the extra visitors my site receives. 

The truth is that business success is the result of a team effort. You want to be sure that you’ve got people on your team that are focused on helping your business reach as high as it can. For me, the experts at WebChoice have been the support and confidants I’ve needed to realise my ambitions. They’ve worked tirelessly to bring my business to a wider audience. 
If you’re looking for an SEO company in the UK, WebChoice is the way to go.

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