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United States Has 88% of Crypto ATMs Worldwide

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Cryptocurrency ATMs have become quite popular in the last couple of years. However, up until now, most crypto ATMs are concentrated in a handful of countries. According to the latest numbers presented by, 88% of crypto ATMs are currently located in the United States.

United States Has 33,641 Crypto ATMs

According to the data available on Statista, the United States has the most crypto ATMs in the world at 33,641. The US not only has the highest number of crypto ATMs worldwide, but it also has the majority of ATMs worldwide.

Cryptocurrency ATMs are remote terminals that allow users to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. Currently, most ATMs allow only major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, only a few ATMs allow users to sell their currencies.

Canada occupies the second spot on the list with 2210 ATMs. This amount makes for 6% of the total ATMs worldwide.

Central American nation El Salvador is third on the list with 205 crypto ATMs. The country of El Salvador recently attracted interest from crypto enthusiasts when it became the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender.

Spain occupies the fourth spot. There has been considerable interest in Europe regarding cryptocurrency, but ATMs have not become as standard in the continent. Spain has the highest number of ATMs at 175. Switzerland follows it in the fourth spot with 139 crypto ATMs.

In Asia, Hong Kong has the most crypto ATMs. According to the report, there are currently 137 ATMs currently working in the Southeast Asian territory.

North America Has 95% of ATMs Worldwide

It’s evident from the previous section that most of the crypto ATMs are situated in North America. According to our calculations, a total of 33641 crypto ATMs are located in the continent- 95% of the total. The previous section shows that the top three countries with crypto ATMs are all situated in Central/North America. In comparison, European nations only account for a total of 1402 ATMs with Spain and Switzerland leading. Additionally, countries like Austria, Romania and Poland have 100+ crypto ATMs.

Asia only has 240 ATMs, and more than half of those are situated in Hong Kong. Furthermore, as per the data, Australia only has 39 crypto ATMs currently.

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