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Ecommerce Designs That are Trendy in 2022

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Shopping online, though always popular, has been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. More and more companies are turning to ecommerce to conduct their business and improve their sales. Designing your storefront is an important step if you plan to have an ecommerce store. This guide will assist you in making some of the best and most trendy design choices out there.

Easy Navigation

Consumers want to be able to navigate your site effortlessly. This is especially true for those who are less than tech-savvy and who might not know the ins and outs of complicated web designs. So, it’s imperative that you have a navigation that provides your customers with quick and easy access to the products that you sell. In addition to helping out your customers, this will also help to improve your SEO and will ultimately get you a better ranking in search engines.

According to woocommerce developers Webcitz, when it comes to navigation, you want to include some essential headers: Shop, About Us, Best Sellers, Sale, and Contact Us. You can always add more to your navigation but keeping things simple is probably better.

Ask Questions

Customers want to be heard so implementing a questionnaire on your ecommerce site is crucial. It not only helps you to engage with your patrons but it will also help you to know which products are popular and which could use some improvements.

Some questions you could ask on your questionnaire are:

  • How would you describe our products and/or services?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to family and/or friends?
  • My favorite product is:

There are many other questions that you could ask as well but it’s best to keep these questionnaires short and to the point as to not overwhelm your customers.


Asymmetrical layouts are visually appealing and unique and thus are trending upwards. However, it can be risky to implement this sort of design to your ecommerce website. With asymmetry, your website will look either messy or it will look contemporary, so use caution when creating an asymmetrical design.

There are several ways to correctly add an asymmetrical layout to your website. Here are a few tips:

  • Use a minimalistic design
  • Accentuate motion
  • Use the correct proportion
  • Apply contrast

These are some easy approaches you can take when it comes to asymmetrical layouts but don’t be afraid to experiment. There are many ways you can go about correctly using asymmetry and experimenting will let you see what works best for you and your business.

Dynamic Images

Images are pretty essential when it comes to selling products in your ecommerce store. They let your customers see what the product looks like, ensuring that the product is to their taste before purchasing. However, if you want to take it a step further, dynamic images are even more prevalent. Dynamic images, such as moving pictures, gifs, or even short videos, will showcase more about the product than any still image could. These images will allow your customers to see the product in action prior to making the purchase. In turn, this will generate a trust between you and your clients.

The best place to implement a dynamic image is on the homepage of your website. This will help in grabbing your shopper’s attention and will give them a great first impression.

While dynamic images are trendy and can be an incredibly powerful tool, be cautious not to overdo it. For example, adding too many dynamic images can produce lagging and cause your website’s speed to decline which will, of course, have a negative impact on your customers.

Combining Pages

Combining your landing and product pages can help to enhance the conversion and acquisition rates of your ecommerce website. By merging these two pages, you can decrease the need for additional navigation and make your website more user-friendly. Users who land on your landing-product page combo can immediately browse for the products that they want and proceed to purchase. This will not only save your customers time but it will also save you the headache of having two different pages created.

Social Media

Another popular trend is the use of social media to draw in more customers and make more sales. Social media is increasingly popular and will continue to be so throughout 2022 and beyond – this is why it’s imperative that you utilize these platforms to sell your products directly from their websites.

In order to make the most of this trend, you will want to ensure that your current customers are aware of your social media presence. You can do this by implementing icons and links to your socials on your landing page, product page, or other pages. Once your current customers know about your social media presence, they can help to spread the word by sharing products from your socials to their socials and enticing their family and friends to check out what you have to offer.


With so many businesses turning to ecommerce, it’s crucial to know the important trends that will keep your customers wanting to come back for more. The above trends are some of the best and you will surely want to make use of a few of them, if not all of them. Hopefully, this guide has given you some good insights into what trends to implement and how to execute them correctly.

Of course, if you’re unsure of how best to proceed with these trends, you can always consult with a professional company specializing in ecommerce. They will assist you in figuring out the best trends for your business to improve your website’s design and to enhance user experience, both of which are very important for your online business to find success.

Don’t forget – with more and more businesses creating online presences, the trends will continue to evolve as new ideas and styles are pitched. In any case, the trends you have read about in this article are expected to continue to rise in popularity throughout 2022, so it’s safe to say if you plan on using them then your website will definitely attract more customers.

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