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How WhatsApp vs Telegram Can Help Your Small Business

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To have real-time talks together with your customers, WhatsApp and Telegram are among the foremost popular messaging apps. Telegram is understood for its feature-rich experience. WhatsApp, on the opposite hand, boasts of a mammoth user base.

But WhatsApp or Telegram which single is best for business marketing? Well, it is often overwhelming to experiment with each app and find where to focus your efforts.

So, during this article, we writing about Our experience with both WhatsApp and Telegram. But first, let’s see how their features compare:

Feature Comparison: WhatsApp vs Telegram


WhatsApp has native apps for Android and iOS mobiles. To use it on PC, you’ve got to open WhatsApp web on your browser. Also, the online version must be connected to WhatsApp on your mobile.

Telegram, on the opposite hand, has apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS also as Linux.


WhatsApp allows you to feature 256 people to a gaggle. you’ll also create private broadcasts to send messages to many people (up to 256) directly.

In Telegram groups, you’ll add up to 200,000 people. These groups are often public or private. Telegram even has public channels to broadcast messages to subscribers. These can have unlimited subscribers.

Group Calls

WhatsApp allows group audio calls and video calls. It also features a “low data” mode to scale back the quantity of knowledge used while calls.

But Telegram isn’t offering calls in groups.

File Sharing

WhatsApp Allows file-sharing Size of 100MB.

But with Telegram, you’ll share files up to 2 GB large. Also, the files are stored on the cloud, rather than on the device itself.


WhatsApp provides the chatbot feature to interact and have interaction together with your customers.

But Telegram has official and third-party chatbots to perform a spread of tasks. you’ll create quizzes, conduct polls, and even automate sharing posts from different social networks.

Why is Telegram Better for Business Marketing?

Telegram groups can have more members than WhatsApp groups. So, you’ll have a much bigger connected community if you build it through Telegram, rather than WhatsApp.

And we found we’ve better admin controls during a Telegram group. we could delete a message sent by other members of the group. In WhatsApp, admins can’t delete spammy, hateful or other forms of messages sent by member’s Carpet cleaning.

Then, Telegram also allows you to pin a crucial announcement to the highest of your group.

Why is WhatsApp Better for Business Marketing?

Telegram sure has some better features than WhatsApp, suitable for business marketing. But WhatsApp has something else – an enormous user-base.

When we wont to share our WhatsApp group’s link on LinkedIn and Twitter, over 30-40 people joined whenever.

But just in case of the Telegram group, only about 20 people join it once we share its link. Carpet Cleaning Richmond Also, people are engaging better in our WhatsApp group than Telegram. the rationale could be that everybody is employed to WhatsApp; they’re conversant in it.

So, if you’re looking to possess a lively and interesting community, you can’t ignore WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also has Stories. you’ll use that feature to market your products and services among your phone contacts.


With Our experience, we will say Telegram are often helpful to market your business to a wider audience. No doubt. you’ll keep more people updated directly.

But if you would like to possess an engaged bunch, WhatsApp should be your go-to instant messenger. WhatsApp also allows for business profiles. Those have added features and automation to stay your customers well-informed.

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