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What Is the Best CMS for Developers?

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Whether you are a seasoned developer or a business owner planning to develop your app and website, there is no doubt that you will need a content management system. The typical question is whether to go for a traditional CMS or headless CMS? And even after determining between the two broad categories, you often have the tough challenge of selecting the specific solution.

Generally, traditional CMSes do not meet the needs of modern developers. Such platforms can only be used for website content. They do not have the architecture to support mobile apps and smart TVs. Additionally, developers face a limitation on the kind of user experience they can achieve on traditional content management systems.

That means any developer will find it viable to go for a headless CMS. But even with that breakdown, which one do you choose? Read to the end to learn more about the best CMS for developers.

What to Look for in the Best CMS for Developers?

Before you can settle on the best content management system for developers, you must first understand the features to look for.

1. Developer Experience

A good CMS must deliver a great developer experience. When developers have an easy time working on the platform, they can extend the same to the marketing team. Elements on the platform need to be arranged so that developers can follow. In other words, it should be easy to navigate and learn. No developer wants to spend a lot of time learning how to use the content management system when they could invest the said time in improving their development skills.

2. Customization

As much as the CMS may be built to meet the developer community’s needs in general, one should feel that they own the platform. That means the platform should allow for high-level customization suited for individual needs. It should not feel as if it is created without considering your individual needs. Other simple customizations such as changing the theme to dark mode can anchor well with most developers.

3. Well-documented CMS

Developers work best with documentation. Without it, all they can do with the CMS is considered guesswork. A reliable headless CMS should include detailed documentation that gets updated routinely. Additionally, the platform should have helpful tools, including rich SDKs, libraries, demo source code, and much more.

4. Readily-available Support

Even though developers are technical people, they may sometimes face challenges with the CMS. Thus, a good content management system should have a knowledgeable customer support team to help out when faced with a technical hitch. The support could be delivered via instant chat, email, and phone calls. The existence of a vibrant community helping out on issues can also go well with the developer.

5. API-based CMS

Developers create solutions for multiple platforms depending on the kind of project they have. Thus, they often have to import and manage content for various systems. An API-based CMS gives developers the flexibility of importing and managing content for different applications, services, and systems. That way, it becomes easy and fast to update the system.

What is the Best CMS for Developers?

Kontent by Kentico stands out as the best CMS for developers. The platform provides more power than a regular CMS would. It offers developers scalable and fast solutions from which they can create astounding digital experiences for the target audience.

With Kontent, developers get the opportunity to build apps and websites on the fly without facing limitations on the technology they can use. You do not need to know CSS, HTML, or JavaScript to start developmental works. Non-technical users can leverage the platform’s intuitive interface to develop solutions without worrying about core technologies powering the CMS.

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