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5 Effective SEO Tips for Your Self Storage Website

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By using effective SEO strategies and tactics for your self storage website, you can improve your website’s search rankings for local search queries such as self storage Victoria, self storage Burnaby, self storage in Surrey and White Rock, and self storage Nanaimo. Increasing your website’s search rankings for these terms will help you attract more prospects who are looking for self storage.

Here are five effective SEO tips you can use for your self storage website.

1. Develop a responsive website

Self Storage SEO starts with a responsive website that is accessible to users on any device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. A responsive website assures that your website is optimized for accessibility and legibility across all devices. This accessibility is good for user-experience which positively impacts your search rankings because Google takes user-experience under consideration when ranking websites.

2. Gain local or community backlinks

A backlink, or a link from an external website to your website, is imperative for a website’s search ranking. A backlink tells Google that the website being linked to is trustworthy or has a good reputation; these are two attributes that are heavily taken under consideration when Google ranks websites.

A local backlink from a local chamber of commerce website, business organization, or non-profit organization sends signals to Google that the website or company that is linked to is likely local, which helps the website or company rank for local search terms. For example, if a Vancouver self storage company gains a backlink from a local Vancouver non-profit organization, the link will help the Vancouver self storage company rank for local terms such as “Vancouver storage units” or “self storage Vancouver”.

3. Develop a content or blogging strategy

Create content that focuses on keywords that you want to rank for and provides value to your customers. For example, you can write tips for long-term storage for cars or moving tips for students who are moving to dorms. Appearing on search results for search terms related to long-term storage or moving to a dorm will help you bring in website traffic from prospects who would use your storage solutions.

4. Gain more Google Reviews

Google Reviews are an important part of appearing on local search results or Google Maps. The more reviews, ideally positive reviews, your self storage company has, the greater its chance of appearing highly on local search results or Google Maps. Google wants to display credible and trustworthy websites more highly on local search results or Google Maps. You can gain more Google Reviews by politely asking your customers to leave reviews about working with your company (note: you cannot specifically ask your customers for positive reviews). You can ask your customers to share their experience working with your team or using your products. If you deliver good customer service and products, you should gain positive Google Reviews which will boost your local search ranking!

5. Disavow toxic links

Toxic links are links from spammy websites or websites that Google deem harmful to users. If you have toxic links linking to your website, you should disavow them. Disavowing links means that you’re disassociating your website with these links. If you don’t disavow these toxic links, your website’s search ranking will be adversely impacted because Google thinks that your website is also spammy or potentially harmful to users since your website is associated with these spammy links.

To disavow backlinks, go to the disavow links tool page in your Google Search Console account and upload toxic links that you want to disavow.

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