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Hiring A Corporate Video Production Company? 8 Critical Questions To Ask

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Looking to hire a Vancouver corporate video production company, Surrey corporate video production company, Coquitlam corporate video production company, or North Vancouver corporate video production company, for your next corporate video shoot? Before you hire a corporate video production company, there are a few questions you should ask a video production company to learn more about the company and see if they fit your vision and project scope.

Here are the eight most important questions you should ask.

1. Do They Have A Successful Storytelling Framework?

As lovely as it is to have beautifully produced videos for your website or event/social media channels, the key objective is for the videos to drive results for your business.

Considering how short your prospect’s attention span is these days, your best best to do that is to ensure your story is successful.

The first question you need to ask is: What story NEEDS to be told?

Then you’ll need to consider how you’re going to tell it, story point by story point.

Sound daunting?

It usually is, if you’re not an expert at script-writing and storytelling. That’s why you shouldn’t just hire any corporate video company. You should hire a video company with a proven framework or recipe for great storytelling. That way you don’t have to do all the heavy brainstorming, but you can still get a video that drives impact, and gets your results!

2. Are their client reviews overall positive?

Thanks to online reviews, a simple Google search or snoop of a company’s social media pages should uncover any red flags from past customers. If you can’t find any reviews online, ask whether you can get a reference from a previous client. If the corporate video production company is unwilling to share reviews from past clients or projects, it’s a red flag, and you can consider passing the company.

3. Will the corporate video production team work well with your team?

You want the production process to be as seamless as possible. It is critical to hire a video production company that will work well with your internal team. Both teams will need to work closely together to produce a video that resonates with your audience. 

As the client, you’ll bring your knowledge of the brand, while the production team will bring their creative talent and video production skills. Ultimately, the best output will be driven by how well both teams work together. 

So how do you know if they are a good fit? 

Beyond just their portfolio, look at their personality and culture, which will be reflected in your initial proposal meetings.  

Luckily, this isn’t too difficult to figure out after an initial meeting or two. 

4. Can they bring something creative to the table?

One of the key criteria for hiring a corporate video production company should be to produce something that stands out from the noise. The digital space and social media are filled with mediocre video content nowadays, and you don’t want just another video that gets lost in a social feed.

A good video production company should be able to provide you with a number of examples that offer a clear idea of their filming style and capability.

5. Does their portfolio excite you?

This can differ based on individual preferences. As with any creative art form, the style of video that you regard as compelling is subjective. Considering that different clients and brands request different video styles, a good video production company will have at least one video that seems exciting to you personally.

And remember, the bigger the portfolio, the bigger the experience. 

6. Will their style excite your audience?

More important than exciting you, would the corporate video production company’s work excite your audience?

Again, this is where effective storytelling becomes critical. 

Use all the insights you have on your target audience to figure out what style will resonate with them. You can even ask to see whether they have specific samples for brands with a similar audience set. 

7. Can the corporate video production company work within your budget? 

This is something that all businesses have to keep in mind. With professional video production, as with everything, you’ll get what you pay for. With a limited budget, you may need to opt for a company that is newer without too many results or awards behind them. Once you have a clear budget in mind, discuss all the production services you need. For instance, is script writing included in the price quoted? Do they even offer that service? It’s always best to get a detailed breakdown of what is included in your video production. . 

8. Do they have the availability to meet your deadline?

Got a specific deadline in mind for your video to go live? Be really upfront with this as you’re talking to production companies. You’ll need someone with the resources and availability to deliver within your timeframe.

But keep in mind every video production takes several weeks to complete from concept to final edits. Make sure you allow on average 3-6 weeks until your launch date. A professional video production company cannot likely deliver sooner than that, especially if they have other projects on the go.

That’s why a video production team that has room and the resources to meet your deadline, is a strong fit!

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