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Enterprise SEO: A CMO’s Guide to Getting High Rankings, Increasing Traffic, and Scaling

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We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in higher rankings, better website performance, and increased traffic. Through SEO, you build trust, increase brand visibility, and generate leads. Besides traditional SEO, there is also a more complex method — enterprise SEO. The latter helps you improve scaling, achieve higher rankings, and boost traffic. We’ve made a helpful guide for you so that you’ll understand what’s enterprise SEO and how beneficial it is for your business. Let’s dig deeper!

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is necessary since optimizing a website with many keywords and web pages is challenging. Enterprise SEO is a strategy for boosting organic search visibility for enterprise-level websites that have thousands of web pages. The scale changes at the enterprise level.

Major companies use enterprise SEO to drive more traffic from search engines and this marketing strategy benefits the company because they see a rapid increase in revenue, conversion rates, and sales. Large enterprises will want the assistance of enterprise SEO providers to create different pages for each product.

Understandably, strategies that work effectively for a limited number of pages may not work as efficiently for larger websites. That is the primary reason why large businesses require enterprise SEO.

It can include keyword research, auditing, voice SEO, competitor analysis, link building, etc.

Benefits of Enterprise SEO

Now let’s understand what kind of benefits your company will get with enterprise SEO:

  • Reach customers: You need to appear on search engines so that people will know more about your brand and will find your products to make a purchase. The first great advantage you get from enterprise SEO is that it boosts brand visibility and helps you reach customers. Your main goal should be reaching your prospects with appropriate content. A good enterprise SEO plan entails identifying places where you can expand your reach and engage new audiences in addition to retaining your current ranking.

When you get backlinks from authoritative and credible websites, you can improve search engine results page (SERP) ranking and grow your audience. You may use search data to figure out what keywords your prospects use and what kind of questions they ask during the purchasing process. Through this information, you can later write high-quality content relevant to each stage of the buyer’s journey to meet your customer’s needs. You can opt for SEO service providers for reaching prospects and increasing conversion rates.

  • Boost brand awareness and authority: In SEO, getting backlinks plays an essential role. Whenever you get a backlink from a reputable website, you will increase your brand awareness. Your high-quality content will make customers trust your brand. Many times, when people don’t get trustworthy content, they lose their trust. Enterprise SEO services can aid in the development of partnerships and links with respected websites, thereby increasing your brand’s authority.

By obtaining backlinks, enterprise SEO may assist you in emphasizing the beneficial features of your firm. Enterprise SEO services are suited to the company’s marketing requirements. That means the strategies are customized to your organization’s needs, giving you the ability to control the online content of your company. If you get negative reviews, you can improve your brand reputation through enterprise SEO strategies. Whenever you’ll address negative information and respond to it with optimized content, you’ll keep your brand reputation.

  • Improve conversion rates: Best SEO practices assist firms in increasing conversions and income. As you may be aware, enterprise SEO increases traffic and you can promote visitors to buy a product through purchase-intent keywords.
  • Increase return on investment (ROI): Enterprise SEO helps you get a higher ROI than other services through reaching new audiences. Through keywords, you can have a higher ranking on Google and Yahoo and increase your brand visibility. Algorithms and search patterns are both evolving at a rapid pace. The search rankings fluctuate daily. Thousands of websites are affected every time Google modifies its underlying algorithm. Its negative influence can result in traffic loss and a decline in ranking. When algorithms change, a good enterprise SEO plan can help you maintain your SERP rank.

Enterprise SEO Strategy Tips

We have the following enterprise SEO strategy tips that may help you improve your plan:

1. Have a Content Plan

Large businesses may have resources that smaller businesses lack, but they also face many challenges as a result of their size. When it comes to content marketing, major businesses have difficulties in managing consistency, coordination, and agility. You can minimize these challenges by having a content plan. The majority of employees in any company are unlikely to be SEO gurus. They will, however, be responsible for tasks such as social media, copywriting, video production, and more, all of which will have an impact on your website’s SEO performance. With that in mind, follow these tips:

  • Both content writers and anyone who makes changes on the website should pass through SEO training. So provide training and an SEO guide.
  • Use Google Analytics to analyze content performance.
  • Write blogs, shoot videos, post on social media, create infographics, and organize podcasts to benefit the enterprise’s SEO performance.
  • When writing a blog, use lists, tables, brief paragraphs, headings, visuals, and answer users’ questions precisely in an H1.

2. Have a Well-organized Website Structure

You need to have a well-structured website for the best user experience. Organize your website, consider niche topics and subtopics and create specific categories, tags, and subcategories. You can boost your website’s topical authority with the spoke-hub (pillar cluster) model. Also, analyze user behavior to understand the frequently visited pages of your site and add them to your footer, navigation so people can easily access it.

3. Use the E-A-T Principle

The E-A-T principle stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google uses this principle to assess a company’s credibility. Google wants to give search engine users the greatest possible experience and offers those websites that are credible.

E-A-T is a tool for determining credibility. It serves as the foundation for identifying if a website and its constituent pages provide real value to the user. You can follow these tips to improve your E-A-T principle:

  • Check your external links to make sure they’re safe.
  • Obtain backlinks from reputable websites.
  • Increase the number of mentions from reputable sources.
  • To establish confidence, use HTTPS.
  • Publish unique, accurate, up-to-date, and original content.
  • Update or remove poor content.
  • Try to get more product reviews to show your credibility and respond to them, especially the negative ones.
  • Show your contact info.
  • Audit your brand.

4. Consider Voice Search

If you want to have a leg up on the competition, you need to use voice SEO optimization. Many people are too lazy to type something and they prefer to find what they look for by leaving a voice. As a result, voice optimization should be included in your enterprise SEO plan. Consider the keywords that people may use during speaking, organize your content by using lists, and include FAQ sections for making your website voice search friendly.

This was the ultimate guide for enterprise SEO! Once you decide to apply these services, refer to our blog as a checklist.

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