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How to Go About Getting Those Valuable Backlinks for SEO?

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SEO backlinking is an integral component of any piece of content that does well on the search engines. If you want to increase the traction of your web pages, articles, or blogs, it is important that you use backlinking to boost them.

Backlinks are an important factor when it comes to search rankings on Google. The more quality backlinks you include, the higher would be the chance of ranking at the top. In short, backlinks are a way to bring the audience to your website from another website. When your website is backlinked, it shows that your content is trusted and approved.

If you’re unsure how to get those valuable backlinks, then you have found yourself at the right place. In this article, we will share fresh and effective strategies to get you those backlinks you need to rank higher. Let’s dive right in:

1. Explore Top Referral Sources for Backlinking Opportunities

The first thing that you need to do in order to get more backlinks is to track the current ones that you’re getting. For that, you need to start looking at the top referral sources for your website. There must be a few websites that link to your content and give you the backlink.

Once you review what kind of websites are doing that and which specific type of content is being backlinked the most, you’ll be able to identify the content that does well. When you have this information, it becomes easier to create similar content or publish about similar topics to gain even more backlinks.

Knowing your strengths is key to capitalizing on them. You can find out your referral sources by using Google’s Universal Analytics. All you need to do is open the “Acquisition” tab, then click “All Traffic,” and then choose “Referrals”. There are several WordPress plugins that provide you with easy-to-read reports on your referrals, so you can consider utilizing those as well.

2. Build Partnerships with Outbound Links

If you’re a new platform with no backlinking or referrals, then a great way for you to establish those partnerships is to use outbound links. You can link high-profile and credible websites to your own content when you’re publishing something that is similar to their niche. This way you’ll be sending your traffic to these websites.

Then, you can reach out to these platforms via email to offer a partnership opportunity or to just introduce yourself. If the other party agrees, you can proceed to use their website in your outbound links while they backlink to the content you produce. These partnerships can be short-term or go on as long-term collaborations. Once you have built that trust, it would be easier for you to get backlinking from other sources as well.

3. Google Search Console Reports

Google Search Console reports are another excellent resource to find backlinking opportunities for your content. It is a free tool that Google offers to keep track of your backlinks and also provides you the necessary data to see what kind of websites are backlinking to your content.

Additionally, this report also offers valuable insights into possible opportunities for backlinking. The other amazing data that this tool offers includes a top linking sites report, which shows all the websites that have ever linked back to your website.

This will allow you to reach out to these platforms for more or continued collaborations. As these platforms have found your content valuable before, it would be easier to establish a partnership that sustains that for a longer period. You can also backlink their content and make this a collaborative project.

4. See What Your Competitors are Doing

Your competitors are another excellent resource for identifying possible backlinking sources. You can ethically find out what their strategy has been to gain backlinks and implement them for your own website.

There is much to learn from competitors when it comes to SEO and backlinking strategies. You can learn from the kind of content they publish and the sources of their backlinks. Make sure you pay close attention to the competitors who seem to be doing especially well in terms of website traffic through backlinks. What are the strategies that they use? What kind of content are they publishing? Which type of outbound links are found within their content?

It is actually very easy to get access to the complete backlink profile of any website. SEMrush is an excellent tool that can provide you with this kind of data. All you need to do is enter your competitor’s website domain in the Backlink Analytics tool on SEMrush, and it will give you a comprehensive report. Make sure you analyze this report closely to understand where most of their traffic is coming from with respect to backlinks.

5. Capitalize on Broken Links for New Backlinks

Another smart strategy for gaining new backlinks is to look for broken links of your competitors. Broken links are any links that either don’t work or don’t exist on a website any longer. These links are often formed when the source website deletes them or replaces the link.

When you find a broken link on a website that is relevant to your website’s content, then you can reach out to them to pitch your own domain as an alternative. Often times, these platforms would be more than happy to replace these broken links to backlink your content if it is relevant.

You will not only be building backlinks for yourself but you will also be helping these websites fix the broken link issues, which will allow you to build trust and create an opportunity for longer term partnership.

Final Thoughts

Backlinking is very important for websites to garner higher views and bring new audience to their platform. Moreover, search engines like Google tend to rank the websites with more and quality backlinks higher than those without them.

By using the strategies that we have discussed above, you can easily create more opportunities of white hat link building for your website content. However, make sure that the kind of content you’re posting is actually valuable and high quality because that is what it comes down to eventually.

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