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5 Tips To Help Your Career Along As A Fashion Influencer

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There are many advantages to becoming a fashion influencer, and as such, many people choose it as a career path. The only real question that remains is this: why do you want to become a fashion influencer? What is your story?

Starting out your career in such a niche industry with plenty of competition is not an easy task. However, Social Plus will discuss five of the ways below that you can grow your career and your skills over time.

1. Exude confidence in your own personal style.

Without delving deeply into your career choice as a fashion influencer, you need to have confidence in your own personal style or aesthetic. The simple thing that all influencers have in common is their ability to create a personal aesthetic that is not only unique to their own identity but also resonates with their target audience. From the accessories you choose to your overall fashion choices, all of these aspects of design are closely followed by your viewers. Follow your own personal instincts and shy away from copying others. Sure, you should have a stylish and enviable wardrobe, but instead of following trends, set your own! Have signature staple pieces in your closet that others will envy.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the kind of aesthetic that you want your outfit to exude. Choose key staples or accessories that will make you instantly recognizable within the fashion community. You can still make a splash without being over-the-top by choosing subtle or minimalist clothing staples. Once people are more acquainted with your signature style, brands will also start reaching out to you.

2. Take professional and artistic fashion shots.

Once you’ve created a style that could only be yours, it is important to hone the art of taking masterful fashion shots. Being a part of the influencer crowd makes you more vulnerable and also requires you to invest extra efforts into presenting yourself in a stylish and enviable manner. From using color-coding in your photoshoots to opting for street shots, make sure you really curate photos that speak to your unique sense of self. The crucial point being made in this exercise is to ensure that your shots are an accurate representation of your great sense of style and finesse.

Pro Tip: It may seem formulaic to always have a structure to your Instagram outlays, but you will gain popularity by sticking to what you know. Having a certain style or using a color combination that is unique to your profile will make you more memorable. The more popular you are, the fewer competitors that may knock you off your pedestal!

3. Build reliable network connections through events and community groups.

Much like with any other career choice, opting to build a reliable network of connections can open more doors for you. There are so many events where you can make an appearance and network yourself as an influencer such as concerts, fashion shows or even pop-up markets! Introduce yourself to like-minded influencers and fashionistas to grow your list of contacts, bloggers, and designers you can work with later on.

Pro Tip: Though attending events physically will help you get your name out there, so will authoring guest posts for famous blogs! Work with other industry bloggers or magazines to give yourself yet another outlet for your creativity. From building back-links to growing your readership, you will have the opportunity to do so much more for your career.

4. Remain highly selective with your personal collaborations.

As you’ve worked hard to establish your personal style, it’s crucial to remain true to who you are. Once you’ve reached the point where you have at least 2,000 unique followers and a signature style, brands will slowly start to trickle in and want to collaborate with you. Some offers may feel like the perfect fit, but others may mean settling for a difference in artistic preferences. In short, make sure you’re following your gut instincts and only working with collaborators you feel can positively grow your online persona. Honesty is crucial in the fashion industry and if you don’t see a certain collab benefiting either party involved, it’s best to part ways.

Pro Tip: Never accept an agreement to collaborate or even approve a freebie without giving it thought. Is the brand sending the right message to your followers? More importantly, is it a brand that you would heartily recommend to others? Readers are quick and ruthless when it comes to spotting forced collaborations, which is why it’s so vital to protect everything you’ve built around yourself and your brand.

5. Branch out with your content to include makeup or lifestyle.

Add more value to your fashion background by joining together other interests. Whether you love cooking, doing makeup or offering lifestyle hacks, you can use this knowledge to make yourself stand out from competitors. Many fashion influencers enjoy mixing their personal travel experiences with their fashion tips as the two seamlessly blend together while also being interesting enough to pique the interest of new followers.

Pro Tip: Make it a point to not shift too much away from the fashion industry or your original purpose for your content. Find a balance between including non-fashion posts and see how your audience reacts. Unfortunately, doing too much may confuse your followers and they will eventually tune you out.

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