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Apple’s Safari Browser Now Has More Than 1 Billion Users

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Browsers can connect you to any place on the internet. Nowadays, you can choose from an extensive range of programs. However, some browsers can be better for your privacy and security.

According to the findings by the Atlas VPN team, 1,006,232,879 internet users (19.16% of all internet users) now use the Safari browser, making it the second browser with over a billion users. Nevertheless, Google Chrome firmly remains at the top as the most popular browser.

Safari browser now has more than 1 billion users. Apple developed browser is automatically installed on every iPhone and Mac computer. Safari has implemented several privacy features to ensure its users’ security.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser worldwide, with over 3.3 billion users. Application driven design of Chrome attracted more and more people to try out the browser. Web applications including YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Earth, Maps, and others became a gateway into Google’s ecosystem of online services.

Compared to last year’s statistics, Microsoft Edge overtook Firefox for the third most popular browser with over 212 million users. Since the release of Windows 11, Microsoft set it as the default browser on all devices and made it difficult for users to change to their preferred option.

Firefox browser ranks fourth with 179 million internet users. Firefox is oriented towards more privacy-concerned users as it offers quite a few features for their protection.

Samsung Internet browser found on the companies’ smartphones and tablets is used by more than 149 million users. At the same time, over 108 million users are utilizing the Opera browser for their everyday tasks.

Cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN Vilius Kardelis shares his thoughts on browsing safely online:

“Ultimately, user cybersecurity education is the most essential for browser security. Many cyberattacks use social engineering techniques to trick users into downloading malware. Users can protect themselves from threats by adopting safe practices such as keeping browsers up to date, blocking pop-ups, and ensuring the sites they enter use HTTPS.”

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