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3 Ways Your Business Can Stand Out on Instagram

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Since its beginnings as a simple photo app, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the last years, and it still keeps growing, with more than one billion active users. This is probably why this social network has gained a place among the most effective marketing channels, especially when it comes to digital marketing. And, it’s safe to say that today without a strong digital marketing strategy and a rich and valuable online presence, it’s virtually impossible to run a successful business.Nevertheless, due to its many great benefits for businesses, millions of companies are already there, constantly looking for ways to grow their accounts. With such an insane competition, it’s not easy to build the right strategy, which will make a real impact on the results of your business. Thankfully, you can learn how to make your business stand out on Instagram, and start seeing improvements in no time.

1. Find the Right Kind of Help

Many new small business owners believe that using social media to raise brand awareness and gain customers is a piece of cake. After all, they’ve been using their personal profiles for a while now and know how they work. But it’s important to understand that running a business account is something much more complex. There are countless things to take into consideration, goals to achieve, even identifying the right goals, attracting followers but also keeping them, among other things. 

For many, investing in an Instagram strategy built by professionals and in the right tools to grow organically, is the best solution. Because if you aren’t an expert in social media marketing, or specifically in Instagram marketing, you aren’t likely to know the trends, how to track the metrics, or how to use the targeting features in the most optimal way possible.

2. Use the Most Popular Instagram Features

There are two most important conditions that an Instagram business account needs to meet to ensure success. First, to create quality valuable content, and second to find additional ways to inspire followers to interact with their content. This is why you have to know how to use features like Stories, Reels, live streaming, hashtags, etc., and find what’s most suitable and works best for your brand.

Stories are one of the most effective features that Instagram added relatively recently. Their idea was, of course, inspired by Snapchat and for both Instagram and Facebook, it has worked perfectly. Probably the best thing about publishing well-thought-out Stories is that you are reaching users that are already actively searching for interesting and relevant content. You can also use stories for your paid ads.

Keep in mind that paid ads on social media are tricky. If they feel too much like ads, many users, even those in the pool of your ideal customers might simply skip them. Reels are another popular feature that can be very effective for businesses, pretty much for the same reasons – users going through them are already active and more likely to engage.   

3. Offer High-Quality and Consistent Content

Video content has been proven to be the most effective not only when it comes to attracting the attention of prospects but also in creating a lasting impression. And brand visibility is one of the main reasons why companies start using Instagram in the first place. While it may take some time to find the right formula when it comes to content, once you hit the sweet spot, it will take your account and your brand to the next level. 

Keep in mind that content is the foundation of Instagram. Instagrammers start following accounts to be able to access their content and learn new things about them. And once you grasp their attention and they hit that ever so important button, they will easily undo it, if you don’t meet their expectations. For businesses, this means creating content that will reflect their brand, show off the quality of their products or services, as well as how it will help whoever decides to purchase them in a way that will bring true value to their target audience.

To get the best result for your hard work to create quality content, you should also post regularly but not overdo it. You should find out what’s the best time to post, interact with your followers, learn how to inspire user-generated content, and so on.


While it’s primarily used for fun and socializing, Instagram can be the most precious tool for businesses. It can help you build a brand reputation, find new leads, understand your ideal customers better, and increase profits. But to bring you all this, your account needs to stand out from the global successful competitors you’ll encounter.

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