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Instagram Ranking Update: IG Now Gives More Value to Legit Content

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It happens to everybody. Asking the same questions, I mean… How many followers? What’s my Ranking? Why is my 2022 reach so low on Instagram? Is it going to go up any time soon? What am I doing wrong? How can I change it?

And now, that Instagram is making some changes and is updating its Ranking, more will follow… Questions, I mean. What does the Instagram update do? How does Instagram will rank content from now on? How will I rank higher on Instagram algorithm?

The meteoric rise of Social Platforms has inevitably introduced numerous changes to our lives. From our most personal moments to our professional decisions and approaches. Everything’s getting more different every day, everything’s getting constantly updated. So, let’s see what’s going on right now with IG’s latest updates!

The intent behind the famous’ Meta-Owned platform series of Updates, is to promote the publication of more original content, boost the flourishing of authentic creators and young talent, while trying to reduce content farms and the domination of feeds by re-posting tactics. The general idea behind those changes is to tone down the presence of aggregator sites and give more space and credit to the true creators!

Still…You Might Have Some Questions…

IG’s Chief, Adam Mosseri, has posted on his twitter Account:

We’ve added new ways to tag and improved ranking:

  1. Product Tags
  2. Enhanced Tags
  3. Ranking for originality

Creators are so important to the future of Instagram, and we want to make sure that they are successful and get all the credit they deserve.

And with a short video, Mossari tried to break down the platform’s thinking+ideology and explain the why’s of these Updates.

Even so, questions are still being raised!

What are these changes really mean? What will happen in case of posting content from other platforms? Or what will happen if a bigger profile re-posts your content? Could you be penalised?

Here is a short version of the clarifications provided!

Content edited outside Instagram won’t be penalised! You can create it and then introduce it via your Gallery. Posting history will be a factor! The platform wants to identify content aggregators. If you re-post continuously from other accounts, you will most probably reach a decline. And finally, yes…Mossari admitted that IG’s content ranking is a work in progress!

Needless to say, marketers using IG will have to adjust to these Updates and find new ways to market and advertise their products, maintain or even augment their visibility on the platform and eventually increase their sales. In the beginning, play the game with a new set of rules, might feel somewhat uncomfortable and abrupt (as all sudden changes do!), but in the long run (and taking the right steps) it might end up being beneficial and profitable in multiple ways.

New Paths to Blaze in a New State of Being!

These changes will encourage users and marketers to become more creative. The ways to reach the desired public will be re-considered and possibly your basic idea and original strategy will be enriched and rejuvenated!

A targeted group can always become wider!

A better photo can say more than thousand words!


A post can touch more hearts!

Even before IG’s latest Updates, our society had already changed again. These Updates could function as a wake-up call! They might be the erethisma that will take us out from our comfort zones and make us create freely and discover new result-full techniques!

The Social Age is challenging and demanding. Today, maybe more than ever, constant movement and transformation are signs of vitality, survival and growth. Don’t be afraid to change, to openly commit to and support timely and relevant issues. Generating authentic, sincere, original and unique content, is the only way to stand out and successfully promote your product in the vastness of the social media space.

(It feels wrong even to think it but…) Being human(e) has never been so pressing and necessary! Sensitivity, empathy, conversational approaches and plasticity, in order to be able to follow all the social and communicational shifts are required! A deep and truthful interest should be the starting point of every marketer. To thrive in the most practical aspects of the market, the theoretical basis and strategies must be sound, innovative but most of all relevant!

The new attitudes, new beliefs, all trends and tendencies must be expressed in ways that will connect and relate you to the right audience! Be precise and focused! Target wisely! Use your Insta-Stories creatively! Use Highlights in your Profile! Create the right Hashtags! And, of course, allow users to buy through your feed.

It Is Time to Readjust

The 2022 New Instagram Updates are here and for the bold and creative these are good news! Legit Content is gaining more value! Original thinking is being promoted and creative ideas will guarantee bigger sales. Welcome these Updates as a chance for your profile and business to be valued in a more holistic way! Accept these updates and welcome them as a blessing in disguise. Now, is the time to:

  • Re-connect with our Society’s new challenges
  • Re-establish your brand in a more (or all-) inclusive environment
  • Re-fresh your communication strategies
  • Re-approach your existing client-base
  • Re-link your business with the increasingly demanding young consumers
  • Re-consider your existence in an Updated ecosystem
  • Re-set your goals and align them with an even brighter tomorrow

Publish pictures that will positively shock with their raw nature, combine colours with black and white imagery, use short, roughly-cut videos where every frame is a creative hit! Create swift, clean-cut phrases, filled with meaningful ideas. Words are worlds, your words your worlds. Today success comes through originality and authenticity. Be valiant! Think of all the possibilities!

The future is now, everything’s now! Grasp it!

And if you feel, at some point, that you hit an inspirational wall, there are always useful sources that can lead you out from your Instagram Marketing Strategy dead ends, and take you to places where tangible, revolutionary and practical solutions flourish non-stop!

Don’t be legit because you have to or need to…be legit because this is you truest self!

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