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4 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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With more consumers searching on Google for products or services or information, search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, has emerged as one of the most important digital marketing programs for any business. SEO includes the process of increasing a website’s search ranking using on-site optimization and keyword-rich content.

If you are looking to boost your website’s search ranking on Google search results via SEO such as Ottawa SEO or SEO Canada, use these four SEO tips!

1. Include relevant keywords in the title tags

Title tags specify the title of a webpage. For example, if a webpage’s title is “Google Analytics 4 consulting agency”, the title tags should also be “Google Analytics 4 consulting agency”. Google uses a webpage’s title tags to understand the page contents and will display the webpage accordingly in search results . For example, if a webpage’s title tags say “”, the webpage will rank for search queries related to “Toronto SEO Audit”. It’s important for your webpages to include keywords that are closely related to the product or service that’s shown on the webpage so the webpage can appear on relevant search results.

2. Create dedicated landing pages

Develop a dedicated landing page for each product or service that you want to promote and include relevant keywords, such as the product name and category, in the title tags. For example, if you’re a self storage Victoria facility, create a dedicated landing page for each service that you offer. For example, you can create a dedicated landing page for “storage” and a page for “moving boxes for sale”.

3. Gain quality backlinks

Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another website. For example, if an online newspaper links to a restaurant website via a news article, the link is a backlink for the restaurant.

The number of quality backlinks a website is one of the important components of SEO. The number of quality backlinks a website earns is a signal which indicates a website’s credibility and authority. For example, if a reputable news site or a business organization links to a website, Google will interpret that as a boost to the website’s credibility.

4. Improve pagespeed by using lazy loading

Pagespeed is a critical aspect of a website’s search ranking because pagespeed affects a website’s user-experience (UX). Google takes UX under consideration when ranking a website.

Lazy loading is a technological practice of delaying load of resources or objects until they’re actually needed.This saves system resources and improves the pagespeed. For example, if a web page has an image that the user has to scroll down to see, you can display a placeholder and lazy load the full image only when the user arrives at its location. Lazy loading can help improve overall website pagespeed.

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