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Machines Become Intelligent: Smart Technologies & AI

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Since the advent of the internet, human life has been changing fast. We have already adapted to this world of personal computers in our pockets and a digital social landscape that both brings us together and divides us. This is just the beginning. Technologies are advancing in unprecedented and exponential ways. Whether you are excited about the changes or are afraid of what might come, there is no stopping the future. Below are a few ways that machines are becoming intelligent and changing our world in many ways—for the better?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The largest and most significant change in technology is the use of AI. Artificial intelligence used to be something people said in the context of science fiction. This is no longer the case. Computers are becoming intelligent with machine learning programming made by humans.

Now AI units can make art, solve complex problems, and analyze large sets of data almost instantly. With so many different types of AI systems, many people argue about the sentience of these machines. A Google engineer even claimed that their AI LaMDA is sentient. There is still a lot of debate, but AI will change our lives in untold ways.


Robots aren’t yet the walking and talking entities from a Philip K. Dick novel, but they have offered advancements that humans can take advantage of. A company called Sarcos, for example, manufactures a full body suit that improves the dexterity, precision, and safety of the human who wears it. Their endurance has improved. With a full robotic suit, machines and humans are coming closer to merging.

Humanity can utilize the benefits of technology to make themselves both stronger and smarter. While robots can be remotely controlled, the ability for humans to do work in dangerous environments provides another layer to the intelligent design of these machines. With the human brain, protective metals, and modern computing, the ability for humans to thrive continues to change.

Smart Appliances

The advances of machines can also be small but mighty. Smart appliances are improving our lives at home. For example, a smart refrigerator will save power and help you conserve food. It will help you waste less. Altogether, a smart fridge will enable you to lower your carbon footprint. Smart washers save water and power. Finally, a smart thermostat enables you to turn on the air or heat from your phone. This means you don’t have to leave it on all day if you want it to be a nice temperature when you return. Technology isn’t just advancing the big things like AI and robots. It’s enhancing nearly every aspect of our lives by improving with intelligent design.

Automated Transportation

One of the most significant advances in technology is in transportation. Vehicles are becoming more like robotic computers that can transport humans wherever they want to go. Not only is self-driving automation around the corner, precise GPS, 5G internet, and image capture technology are making the roads safer and more efficient. Traffic will improve as machine learning enhances driving. There will be less accidents. Our cars, planes, and trains will become more intelligent than humans in some ways. Self-driving cars alone will augment safety, traffic, and the economy.


With virtual (VR) and augment (AR) reality, the sky’s the limit. AR and 5G internet will make remotely performed surgeries a possibility. VR will enable humans to live in a digital world of their own creation. VR and AR have improved rapidly. The ability of machines to teach themselves new ways to make these technologies better and more satisfying for humans has just begun. The ways in which this tech will be used remain to be seen.

Between AI, machine learning, automation, and the human mind, intelligence is increasing. While humans may not have to think long to solve problems—hindering our ability to do so—technology is already filling the gaps. Machines are becoming more intelligent than many ever imagined. The advances of technology are advancing faster than most of us realize. The exponential growth will undoubtedly have a huge impact on our lives and how we live them. Will you embrace the changes or resist them? Considering there are many problems, using technology to solve them may be the best option.

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