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CS:GO knife case: what will drop?

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So, it’s time for one of the most important topics in Counter-Strike. Today we will talk about knives. Let’s quickly analyze what the phenomenon of their outstanding success is, and explain how to get or even design a TOP CS GO knife from a CS:GO knife case or elsewhere.

Ways to get knives from CS GO

  • CS GO knives can be obtained in the following ways:
  • by opening CS:GO knife cases in the game itself;
  • by buying or trading on the Steam Market or other marketplace;
  • by playing online roulette or placing a bet on a gambling service.

If you do not have enough funds to purchase the coveted virtual knife today, do not despair. These game items have long existed not only in the form of pixels but also in a completely material form.

What is this about? This is about the fact that on Youtube and other resources, game fans post free instructions and drawings that allow you to independently design copies of virtual weapons (karambits, hunting knives, butterfly knives) from cardboard or wood. Handmade wooden knives from CS GO can be presented to a friend. Or post it on your profile.

Knife drop chance in CS GO

Developer Valve has never disclosed the real numbers of the opportunity to get this or that item from weapon cases. This is quite obvious and understandable. For ordinary users, CS GO is a game, but for developers, it is a real business. But still, the company decided to open the veil of secrecy and published a small fallout data. This happened not on a pure initiative, but because of the Chinese government. It threatened to ban the game from the country. After a couple of hours, official data on the chance of items falling out appeared on the network. Golden weapons, including knives, only have a 0.26% drop rate. That is, an average user needs to open an average of 100-200 weapon chests to get a knife, with the worst result of luck.

It is worth noting that the chance of getting a knife does not increase at all from the number of opened cases. Some users can open a thousand cases and get nothing.

How does the quality of knives affect their market value?

The quality of knives or their design often directly affects their market value. As the quality deteriorates, the price of the knife falls and the pattern deteriorates. There are the following degrees of quality gradation for knives: straight from the factory, slightly worn, field-tested, well-worn, and battle-hardened. It is the quality that affects the fact that the price of the same knives with different degrees of wear will vary significantly. For example, Karambit | Waves in the best quality costs about $480; and the battle-hardened version costs just $220.

Is it possible to influence the chance of a CS GO knife drop?

Another popular question arises from users who want to open weapon chests and get a knife. Unfortunately, the user will not be able to influence the chance of a weapon drop in any way. All users are equal and have 0.26%. Absolutely every new case will have such a chance of falling out. The quantity does not affect the final version in any way. If the developer wants, then he can influence the chance of obtaining it, if necessary.

If we summarize all the known information, then we can say the following: you should not open weapon chests. The user will only spend time, effort, and money. It is highly likely that the user will not receive anything at all. The best deal is to purchase cosmetic items from Steam Market or third-party stores, which will also help you save money. But to open cases or not, the user can decide for himself. But a small chance of getting it can play a very cruel joke on users. Is it necessary? Everyone decides for himself.

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