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7 Best Security Practices to Combat Online Cyber Threats

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Businesses nowadays need a web application for targeted growth. The digital advancements are making all businesses and organizations work on their web applications so that they can standout from one another. During the development phase, all the features are given utmost time and preference except one, which is security.

Online applications’ security should be a prior concern for developers and businesses as it is available to others which makes them exposed to many cyber threats. Online application security is not something many people are concerned about. Although, it is something to be paid attention to while developing an application and not after you have developed an app.

Each component of an application should have security features ingrained and security should be a part of each step of the software development process for protection from cyber threats.

Importance of Application Security

An application should be secured and protected otherwise people will not use it no matter how big your organization is. Security has become one of the most essential factors in this era when everything has become digitized. Applications are most vulnerable to cyber threats as they are linked with cloud networks which makes them easily accessible. 

Applications are at a higher risk of data leaks, hacking and cyber threats which is why they should always be secured. Whether a company is small or big, if it has an application then it has to make sure it is secured otherwise customers will not trust the app and the company might also lose its customer loyalty. 

Here are a few reasons why application security is important:

1. To Avoid Data Leaks

A secure application will be protected against any chances of data leaks. Applications usually contain users’ data which cyber attackers and hackers are very much interested in. If your application is secured, hackers would find it difficult to steal any data without your permission.

2. To Gain User Confidence in the Application

An insecure and unprotected application is not downloaded by anyone. Instead, users stay away from such apps. If your app is secure, it will help build users’ trust and increase the number of downloads. Moreover, users would be more comfortable in sharing their information with your company.

3. To Meet Country-Specific Regulations

Security is one of the most vital regulations that a country imposes. Before launching an app in the market, companies have to make sure it follows the Country-specific regulations. For this reason, it is important that you create a well-secured and protected application.

4. To Combat Security Breaches and Threats

Organizations have to make sure that their application is secured as an insecure application would become an easy target for threats and security breaches. This is the last thing a business would want which is why online app security is very essential.

5. To Avoid Phishing Attacks

Last but not the least, online app security is necessary to prevent phishing attacks. An app that does not have security measures, is prone to get attacked by hackers. Thanks to the advanced security tools, hackers can be prevented from performing any phishing attacks on your apps.

7 Best Practices to Combat Cyber Threats on Your Online Applications

As the world is getting more and more digitized day by day, businesses’ need for having a web applications is increasing. Almost every business in today’s time has a web application. Companies while fulfilling the need for an application forget the most essential part, which is the security of online applications. Developing a secure web application is the most vital step any business can take in today’s era as cyber crimes are on a rise.

Here are 7 best practices for a business to combat cyber threats:

1. SSL Certificates

You can secure your online application by simply encoding all the data that is shared on it with the use of SSL certificates. It is one of the best practices to combat cyber threats as it uses Secure Socket Layers or Transport Layer Security protocols to secure the information available on the application from cyber criminals.

Activating SSL Certificates is important for your online Application. If you do not do that then hackers and cyber criminals can easily access the information shared. On the other hand, if you are using  SSL Certificates then the cryptographic keys would make it difficult for hackers to read.

2. Manage User Permissions

A very essential step towards having a secure web application is to wisely manage user permissions. A company may have plenty of employees and not every worker would need to have full access to the system to fulfill their job. A wise practice for your application would be to execute the “Principle of least privilege”. This would limit everyone’s access. 

On the contrary, if you allow everyone to access then it would just take one cyber attack by a scammer to access all the data on your application.

3. Provide Training

A very vital practice to combat cyber threats is to train your workers and employees regarding cyber criminals and cyber threats. You cannot expect your employees to have all the necessary information about scams and cyber attacks. If you do not provide training to your staff and employees then this may lead to cyber attacks as your employees may become a victim of the hackers.

Your company should conduct cybersecurity training for your employees and staff to combat such incidents. An experienced web application security master should be hired for the training sessions so that they can learn about the online application and the surrounding potential threats. The protection for cyber security starts by training your company’s greatest assets which are your employees and staff. If your workers are cautious and aware of the cyber criminals then hackers will be afraid to launch an attack on your application.

4. Hire Ethical Hackers

This may sound a little odd but it’s not. Instead, it’s one of the best practices to keep your online application secure. Hire a couple of ethical hackers and let them test your online application. These professionals use the same techniques and tricks that cyber criminals use to launch an attack which is why you will be able to know how secure your application is. 

Ethical hackers would do you no harm. Instead, they would help you understand the security risks. They will take a penetration test after which you will be aware of your application security and its weaknesses. This way you can improve the security of your app and combat threats.

5. Use a VPN

One of the best ways to protect against cyber crimes is to use a VPN. It is not that cyber criminals can not get to you if you use a Virtual Private Network but it adds an additional protective layer which gives you additional security. A VPN protects against cyber attacks in many ways as it encrypts your traffic. 

Whether you have a small business or a bigger enterprise, there are various cheapest monthly services available among which you can choose from.

6. Update Your App Regularly

A very wise best practice to ensure security against threats is to release regular app updates for your users. Most of the time, an outdated software may lead to weak security features which let hackers easily manipulate the data on the application.

You need to update your online application’s components on and off based on its infrastructure so that hackers cannot access the information. This way your application will be protected from cyber threats and attacks.

7. Backup All Data

Last but not the least, the increasing number of cyber criminals and threats have the world traumatized. No matter how secure your application is there will always be a slight chance of theft which is why you must have a backup of all your data on the safer side. This is a precaution you must take in case a hacker gets access to your online application data and you get into serious trouble.

It is advised that you store all your online application information at another location and replicate the archives in multiple places. This would help you protect your company from serious losses in case the primary location is attacked and compromised.


The loopholes in online applications are leading to more and more cyber crimes everyday. Cyber criminals are learning new ways to attack applications which is why it is very essential in this era to protect and secure your online apps. Hackers and cyber criminals are always in search of applications and websites that have poor security and protection which is why as a company you must ensure your online app is protected and secure.

To prevent cyber attacks you must keep your app updated all the time and keep your employees aware of the malicious attacks and the patterns cyber criminals follow.  Employees are the greatest assets a company can have which is why it is very important that they are trained to take necessary precautions.

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