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Why No One Is Clicking on Your Ads

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The ability to write a good Call To Action (CTA) is an enviable skill in the marketing world. With so much content being created, it’s easy for ads to become forgettable or redundant – further adding to all the marketing noise. But a good CTA can draw anyone in. With people mostly skimming over things they see online; the CTA has become the most important part of an ad campaign. Here, we will discuss four CTA techniques to generate leads.

1. Placement

Because the CTA is so important, you want to make sure the placement is perfect. This can be done in a few different ways. Some might opt for careful placement, such as on the most popular page of a website, while others might place the CTA everywhere they can. The latter strategy increases the likelihood that your audience will see and click on your CTA, but you may risk people seeing your brand as redundant or annoying. Using key metrics to track which pages your audience spends the most time on will help you make a smart placement decision.

2. Wording

Great CTAs are short and punchy. They aren’t complicated or overly artistic. The best CTAs are short, sometimes three words or fewer. They give you an action to take and tell you how you will benefit from taking that action.

Here are some great examples:

  • Trello: “Sign up — It’s free!”
  • Spotify: “Get Spotify free!”
  • Lyft: “Ride and save.”
  • Social Media Examiner: “Click to save!”

As you can see, these are all short and straight to the point, purposely avoiding any “fluffy” language. They are memorable and easy-to-read enabling readers to take action.

3. Incentivize Returning Customers

Once a customer has gone through the checkout process at your store, give them a reason to come back. Clearly, something led them to you in the first place, now is the chance to make them a customer for life.

Once they have checked out, there could be a CTA on the receipt page. It could say, in big bold letters: “20% OFF YOUR NEXT ITEM.” Again, that is a concise way to get your point across. It’s easy to digest even if you were to glance at your receipt.

4. Make It Urgent, Irresistible, and Gratifying

With so many ads out there, you need to really stand out and you need to stand out in a way that makes a customer perform the desired action right away. How often do people see a CTA and think, “I’ll remember to look into that later” and then never do? All the time. Give your customers a reason to click that link by offering them something in return.

All in all, it is easy for ads to get lost in all the messaging, but with a strategic CTA, you are bound to stand out. Try incorporating these tips when writing and placing your next CTA and track your leads! Continue adjusting until you have found what works for your company.

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Greg Walthour is co-CEO of Intero Digital, a 350-person digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive, results-driven marketing solutions. Greg has more than 20 years of experience directing paid media strategies, optimizing SEO, and link building solutions, such as content and PR. He leads a team of experts in web design and development, Amazon marketing, social media, video, and graphic design, and Greg has helped companies of all sizes succeed in the digital age.