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How Much Should You Pay for Local SEO Services in 2022?

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Marketing efforts are crucial to the bottom lines of businesses. The more leads a business can generate, the more profits and sales it can make. Local SEO is a key component of marketing efforts. In this day and age, a business that ignores the relevance of local SEO will have difficulty keeping up with its competitors. The right SEO tips will ensure better visibility in local search rankings. Monthly local SEO packages offer an effective way to ensure better local rankings.

According to recent trends, a business can expect to pay between $300 and $2,000 a month for local SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Pricing Ranges

Depending on factors like your budget and business needs, you may want to consider one of several local SEO packages. On average, local SEO packages fall into one of three categories. These include:

1)Automated Local SEO

These types of local SEO packages cost about $100 annually. For instance, Moz Local is a popular listing management tool that charges businesses about $129 a year per location. Others, like Synup have charges that can range anywhere from $300 to $499 a year for one location. Of course, the local SEO package determines how much you end up paying.

Automated local SEO helps your business stay relevant in local searches by ensuring that details like your business name, phone number, and address are popping up at the top of local searches and business directories. A drawback of this automated system is that you’ll need to keep up your monthly payments for them to maintain your listings. While some of them offer great discounts for large businesses, these types of SEO packages are not sufficient to boost your site’s local rankings when used on their own.

2) Small-Scale Local SEO Campaigns

These types of local SEO services cost more than automated ones. Depending on your preferred agency and its particular listings, you can expect to pay between $400 and $900 in monthly fees. Small-scale local SEO campaigns represent the typical option for many small businesses trying to achieve better local rankings. They’re ideal for businesses that only serve one location. Similarly, if you’re a business owner attempting to use local SEO packages for the first time, these types of local SEO packages are ideal.

3) Comprehensive Local SEO

If you’re looking for long-term success as far as local SEO rankings go, these types of comprehensive packages are the best. Comprehensive local SEO campaigns include:

i)Mobile SEO

ii) Website maintenance

iii) External elements like link citations

iv) Online review management

In addition to the above features, you also get to know exactly where your money is going. This is enabled by their custom reporting, which helps you to keep track of your return on investment (ROI).

Such comprehensive local SEO campaigns can set you back between $899 and $1999 a month. For these high costs, expect top rankings for your business as far as local searches go.

Budgeting for Local SEO

In addition to the kind of local SEO package that you choose, several other factors also determine how much you pay for such services. These include:

1)Number of Locations

It is a lot easier to optimize local SEO for a single location. If you operate your business from multiple locations, you can expect to pay more for local SEO packages. This is because helping your local rankings at each of your business locations takes significant time, energy, and resources.

2) Your Competitors

Competition is a key factor in deciding how much you’ll pay for local SEO services. If your business is in a highly competitive industry like retail stores, seeing demonstrable results means investing more money in SEO services. A key part of building authority and outranking your competitors involves several things like creating superb content and relevant pages. These are the things that will help you rank better for specific keywords related to your business in a particular location. More competition will drive up the prices for such local SEO services.

3) Number of Products and Services You Offer

The more products or services your business offers, the more it’ll cost you to promote them via local SEO. Much like with your competition, the products and services you offer will have specific keywords related to them, keywords that you would want to rank well for in your local area. You’ll need to create specific pages that target the kind of keywords you want to rank for. When your business offers several products and services, it means you have to create specific pages targeting all the relevant keywords related to each product or service. This means you have to pay for comprehensive local SEO campaigns.

4) Current SEO Status

Perhaps you’re a new business that recently started its operations in a particular neighborhood. This could mean that you have no digital footprint whatsoever. Maybe you are an established brick-and-mortar business with a negligible digital footprint. These kinds of scenarios will also determine how much you pay for local SEO services. Many businesses do not start investing in local SEO services until much later on. Such businesses are usually at a disadvantage when starting. Of course, if you’re a new business in a particular neighborhood without much competition, you can expect to see steady improvements in your local rankings once you invest in relevant local SEO campaigns. All such scenarios will determine how much you pay for local SEO services.

When it comes to local SEO services, it’s always important to remember that certain, seemingly insignificant things matter. For instance, citations and links are very important. Google tends to consider all aspects of a website and not just things like keywords. Among such seemingly insignificant things are citations and backlinks. Backlinks are URL addresses embedded in the content text. If there are backlinks from third-party websites to your business website, it indicates to Google that your site is a relevant authority in that particular niche and location. This helps to improve your local SEO rankings tremendously. Citations include mentions of anything related to your business. Such things could include contact information like your phone number and business address. It’s always best to ensure that such contact information is identical across all platforms. This will help with local SEO rankings.

When it comes to local SEO services, you get what you pay for. The more comprehensive the package, the better the local rankings for your business.

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