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How Time Tracking Upscales Your Team’s Performance

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Time management is an essential skill not only in personal life but also in work. Just as it helps succeed in daily routine, it helps successfully organize work routine as well. 

Despite the established rules and work hours of a company, let’s admit it, not all employees are going to have good time management skills. For that matter, it is important to have a time management system that extends across the whole company. 

That way every employee is more or less mindful of how they spend their time at work. 

Time tracking is the ultimate way of ensuring everyone at the company is responsible for their time management process.  

Other than time management, time tracking introduces benefits in performance and productivity as well. Your team is more likely to perform better and provide higher results when they spend their work time rationally and to the purpose. 

Let’s now see how time tracking can upscale your team’s performance. 

Introduce time tracking

The first step towards time tracking is the proper introduction. 

In order to start tracking time in your team, you should first introduce it. The right introduction plays a vital role in determining how your team will react and implement time tracking in their work process. 

If the introduction is not successful, there is a chance that employees will be hesitant and even against time tracking. After all, tracking time means tracking personal data, even if it is only time. 

What is the proper introduction to time tracking?

The proper introduction means clarifying the purpose of time tracking, the process, and the benefits it holds both for the company and employees. 

Remember that the purpose should be beneficial for both sides in order for time tracking to have the expected results. If you are going to use it for the good of the company only and neglect the attitude of your employees, there is a high chance that time tracking, nor anything else will upscale your company.

Benefits of time tracking for your company

  • Improved time management and performance

The biggest benefit of time tracking for the company is control over how time and effort are spent. When the company is in control of not only physical resources but also time, it is spent more rationally. 

Gradually, the overall performance of the team improves, as they learn to manage their time. As a result, the team is more likely to have improved results and productivity. 

  • Saved company time

While improving time management, time trackers also save you time. Your employees do not have to spend time manually clocking in and out. Time trackers automatically record the start and end times of work and generate attendance reports with all the information. 

You do not have to monitor the work of each employee separately, cause time trackers provide detailed reports to you. In other words, the tracker works simultaneously with your employees. As a result, both you and your employees save time on recording attendance, time logs, and activity descriptions. 

Some time trackers go even further to have built-in task management and communication tools. WebWork is a similar time tracker that incorporates many more features such as task management, remote employee monitoring, Team Chat, video calls, HR tools, and others along with time tracking with screenshots. As a result, teams using WebWork save time not only on manual data input but also on switching between several tools. 

  • Project progress tracking

Time trackers also give a detailed review of a project’s state. While tracking time, they also track the process of projects and tasks. If a time tracker has a built-in task or project management, then it will do the job automatically. If not, then your team members will need to fill in their activities manually. In any case, most time trackers give you reports with all the information they track. 

Benefits of time tracking for your employees

  • Improved time management at work and personal life

Time tracking is usually an advised step toward improving one’s time management skills. As mentioned previously, when it comes to time management at work, time trackers are the way to go. However, they are also a great choice for personal time management skills. 

When you start tracking your time, you start to see where exactly it goes. All your activities and their timeframes are recorded so that you know how you spend every second.

As a result, you get a sense of time management. You find the time-wasting activities in your day and can work towards minimizing them.

  • Improved organization and productivity

It goes without saying that time management is one of the pillars of organized life. The success of other daily activities most probably depends on good time management. 

When you can manage your time, you can also manage other aspects of your life. 

Let’s say, if you are struggling to allocate enough time to your hobbies, time tracking will help solve that too. You can track the time you spend on each activity to find out how much time they take and how much free time you have left. 

You will no longer complain about not managing things and will rather finish your day knowing that you have managed everything for that day. 

  • Sense of responsibility

One of the biggest benefits of time tracking is the sense of responsibility. Learning how to manage your time, and having an estimate of how much time your daily activities take and may take can nurture a sense of responsibility. 

When you are responsible about how you spend your time, you will most likely approach other aspects of life responsibly as well. 

Start using a time tracker

Now that you have introduced time tracking to your team, it is time to start using a time tracker. 

First, identify your needs – do you need a mere time tracker or a tool that will have extra work management features as well? 

In fact, most time trackers have many side features. For example, WebWork Time Tracker functions not only as a time tracker but also as a productivity monitoring, task management, and communication tool. 

Remember to be considerate in the first stage of using the time tracker, as your team will go through an adaptation stage first. Then, gradually you will all get used to the tracker and how it works. 

Summing Up

Time tracking can help your team become better at time management, improve productivity and control overall company time reasonably.

As a result, when you get detailed reports and see your team’s performance results, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness that time tracking brings to your company. In any case, it will give you a tangible idea of workflow speed and productivity, so that you can make changes where necessary.

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