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Signs That Your Business SEO Isn’t Working

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Any successful online business owner knows that highly performing organic search engine rankings rely upon clear business goals and a strong SEO strategy in order to drive results. If the quality of the results that you are gaining from your efforts starts to suffer, with your campaign no longer seeming up to scratch, it can often feel as though all of the time and effort that you invested into your SEO was for nothing. – This is simply not the case.

The way that the algorithms and search engines work to determine a site’s ranking position within the organic search results is constantly changing and evolving, meaning that your business’ approach to SEO and optimising your campaign should change also. The world of SEO is never stagnant, so it’s not unlikely to find that your tried and tested strategy from five years ago is no longer performing at its best.

Your business’ campaigns should take into account the most recent important ranking signals, meaning it’s vital that you stay up to date on best practice and alter your strategy accordingly. This is a great way to ensure that your SEO strategy is always performing at its best, meaning you won’t be left in the dark, wondering why your rankings have dropped.

You may find that your SEO strategy is no longer working if your business website is experiencing…

  • A decrease in organic traffic
  • A significant decrease in organic ranking position
  • Lowered conversion rates
  • Heightened bounce rates
  • A lack of evolution within your campaign’s SEO strategy
  • A decrease in online visibility

Increased visibility within the organic online search results should be a key focus within your SEO campaign, helping to lead to an increase in relevant site traffic from customers discovering your brand and the products or services that you have to offer.

If your business website experiences a sudden and unexpected decrease in organic traffic, this is a clear indication that your standing within the search results has dropped. This can occur for a number of reasons, but is most often caused by…

  • Low quality content on your business website
  • A lack of relevant, high quality backlinks to your priority service and landing pages
  • A decrease in search volume across the keywords and phrases that your campaign is targeting
  • A new, better performing competitor knocking your site from its ranking position
  • Unappealing title tags and meta descriptions that don’t encourage users to click to your site
  • Past bad practices coming back to haunt

Title tags and meta descriptions on your business website that are misleading, or work to provide minimal information on the products and services that you offer, could mean that your site pages are attracting the wrong attention from the wrong audience. Your meta content should appeal to the users most likely to be interested in completing a purchase with your business, and this should be reflected within the marketing language and keywords that you utilise throughout your content.

Overall, there are a number of reasons why your business website’s SEO strategy may not be working, but familiarising yourself with what signs to look out for will help you to stay ahead of the curve and keep your campaign performing at its best!

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