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9 Key Skills That Every React Developer Should Know

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The most popular JavaScript library for front-end app development is React. This well-equipped framework enables developers to make entirely responsive web apps while also running in the browser for website front-end functionality. Additionally, react offers customized HTML code that may be used in other projects.

Naturally, react developers are highly sought after for a wide range of web app projects in diverse niches. But they must have a firm grasp of the following abilities to receive the finest employment potential as a React developer. You must be aware of these talents if you want to work with ReactJS developers or plan to hire them.

1. JSX

The developers typically misuse HTML when using the ReactJS framework. The extended code syntax, sometimes known as JSX, is an essential component of the ReactJS ecosystem. The fact that JSX looks a lot like HTML enables developers who just know HTML and CSS.

A key component of the React library is JSX. Developers are helped by this simple-to-use expanded code syntax to do away with React. The app projects are likely to become more complicated and have scalability problems as a result of the create Element() API. The best part about this new syntax for web applications is how simple it is to learn.

2. Redux

The state management library for ReactJS is Redux. Another essential skill for any React developer is this one. The issues that asynchronous React updates caused earlier were solved by this state management library for React developers.

The core React team introduced this state management capability to address the issues caused by asynchronous React updates. It behaves a lot like functional programming and adheres to the same immutability concepts.

3. NPM and NodeJS Software

Are you wondering why, given that it is a server-side technology, you need to learn NodeJS? NodeJS is adaptable enough to meet the demands of front-end or client-side development. The NodeJS NPM package may be easily expanded to include the React library. Therefore, it’s crucial to be familiar with the NodeJS and NPM packages. It is even more so because MERN, one of the most well-known technology stacks, is made up of NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.

4. Git

Git is the most well-liked toolkit for app developers of all levels and specialties. Knowing how to use Git repositories to exchange code and other components with other developers is crucial because react is a powerful JavaScript toolkit with reusable components. React developers may share and update web app projects on a variety of coding discussion boards, including GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket, thanks to Git.

Using this toolkit, developers can carry out a wide range of tasks, including combining several strategies and resolving conflicts, pushing, and pulling operations to examine code changes, etc. The following are some of the fundamental abilities Git-related that React developers should have.

  • keeping track of changes using comments.
  • combining tactics and branching them appropriately.
  • dealing with a merge conflict.

5. HTML and CSS

Every front-end web developer is familiar with HTML and CSS. The React web app developers should have a strong understanding of how to use HTML code and CSS script for design to create user interfaces and user experiences for websites and web apps. Developers of React must be able to perform the following.

  • Use semantic HTML tags that you’ve created.
  • CSS selectors should be coded and used properly.
  • Install a CSS reset
  • understanding of the box model and proficiency with border-box resetting
  • understanding of flexbox
  • Knowledge of and aptitude for using responsive web design principles
  • In the app project, appropriately using media queries

6. React Native

React Native is more than a feature; it is a framework in and of itself. It employs native components, making it easier to integrate React into Android and iOS applications. It modifies the React code so that it works on these mobile devices and gives access to their native features.

7. Declarative UX

React code is now easier to read and correct thanks to this functionality. React is the ideal framework for creating user interfaces that are centered on aesthetics and emotion, and this applies to both web and mobile applications.

8. Performance Improvement

A quick app will be adored by consumers. Your company can grow significantly with the help of a powerful app. Nobody enjoys using a sluggish app. A sluggish app can ruin your company. You require experts who can create a smooth-running, incredibly quick app for you.

The performance of a React Native app should therefore be improved, making this candidate excellent. App speed can be increased in a variety of ways. You can enquire as to the precise changes he will make to the performance.

9. Knowledge of ES6 and the Fundamentals of JavaScript

Being that React is a JavaScript library, having a strong understanding of the language’s basics as well as proficiency with ES6 is crucial. The following are some essential skills for a React developer to possess.

Variables and their range of use: A key competency for a React developer is understanding the range of data access using variables. On the other side, ES6 gives variables more power through various keywords.

Array methods: Developers must first understand how to store data in arrays and objects and how to access that data. Second, they must be adept at working with this data using Array techniques.

DOM manipulation and event handling: React leverages JSX abstraction for DOM manipulation and event handling to speed up the process. This can be accelerated much more through DOM modification. Additionally, you must convert a variety of events, such as “on clicks,” “on change,” “mouse enter,” etc., to HTML elements.

JavaScript classes: JavaScript classes enable programmers to include template logic and even styles. You should be competent enough to use these classes as a React developer.


It’s never simple to find a skilled React developer for your app project. The evaluation procedure may be simpler, though, if you decide to keep your attention firmly set on the skills. To achieve their professional goals, aspiring React developers should also concentrate on developing these skills.

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