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How to Find the Best Products to Sell Online

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Thinking about having an additional income or being a boss yourself? Selling products online can be a solution. With eCommerce and social media still -and will continue to be on trend, you can sell any products from home.

However, developing an online business is always a challenging feat. You need to decide what products to sell, choose platforms, create social media content, build strategy, and more. In this case, going with your gut is not really a good idea.

If you’re struggling to decide what product to market, this article is made for you. We’ve listed some practical steps to help you find the best products to sell online. Finding the right product to sell online allows you to generate sales easier and gain profit faster.

So let’s jump right in!

1. Browse the Trend Sites

Trend sites are not only beneficial for finding potential keywords to improve SEO strategy. They also let you see people’s behavior through queries on a certain time frame.

You can get valuable insights about the products that are trending and in high demand. You can go to Google Trends and Ubersuggest to see the trends and explore some keywords that many users are looking for.

The best thing is that trend sites are free resources that allow you to analyze certain keywords related to specific products. You can identify how particular keywords perform over a certain period.

Here’s how you can find and explore popular topics in your industry using Google Trends:

  • Go to Google Trends.
  • Go to the explore section.
  • Choose the region you want to explore.
  • Define the time range.
  • Specify the category, for example, beauty, books, arts, sports, etc. You can also be general by choosing all categories.
  • Explore the search topic and queries below the graph and see what people are looking for.

Google Trends also allows you to discover seasonal patterns. For example, if you want to sell sweaters, you can find the best time to sell them by using the search bar and entering a search term.

2. Look into Marketplaces Trending Products

Today, many marketplaces allow you to see trending products. You can go to big marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay to discover best sellers, most-wished, and most popular products.

For instance, Amazon has pages showing best sellers and most wished-for products. Meanwhile, Etsy provides the most wanted, best-selling items and most popular item pages for you to explore. Almost all marketplaces have these kinds of pages.

Also, consider leveraging AI tools like Jungle Scout. It is an instrument to help you identify the most selling products and popular sellers. You can use the filters to see specific results based on category, price, and other attributes.

3. Dig into Social Media and Online Communities

The majority of businesses today go on social media to meet target customers and market their products. You can also leverage many social platforms to find out what products are rising in popularity.

If you haven’t figured out a concrete idea, you can start by using Facebook as the most significant social platform today. Facebook has the most active users that vary in demographics. You can join eCommerce-related groups or explore Facebook Shop catalogs.

However, if you plan to target younger audiences, TikTok and Instagram are more relevant channels to dig into. Both have shopping pages where you can explore or study influencers to see which products they’re promoting.

You can also go on Quora and Reddit to do social listening. Those platforms also let you ask others’ opinions on popular products and get valuable feedback from them. You can also ask for insights to create a marketing strategy.

4. Try Dropshipping Software

Aside from trend platforms, social media, and marketplaces, you can also leverage dropshipping software. Some options include Sell The Trend, AliExpress Dropshipping Center, Niche Scraper, and All Factor.

Those platforms allow you to see products that are requested by many. You can identify the fast-selling products and popular ones at the moment. Moreover, you can also use the platform to do dropshipping.

Sometimes, opening an online store is daunting, especially if you’re tight on budget. The dropshipping system allows you to sell products without a huge budget and has a lower risk of losing. Moreover, dropshipping can be a great option if you want to sell seasonal products.

5. Identify Products with Good Profit Margins

Starting an online business requires you to be strategic. If you have little experience selling online, it’s better to start with products with relatively low-price to produce or wholesale. So research your budget flow and how it will impact your cost production.

It’s harder for you to get a higher margin with expensive products. Besides, managing the budget for other necessities, including creating a marketing strategy, packing products, and shipping orders, is challenging.

6. Follow Your Personal Passion

If you have personal hobbies or a job that you’re passionate about, you try monetizing it. For instance, if you like creating pottery, you can create your own products and come up with your own branding.

You can also sell digital products like posters, polaroids, portraits, logos, etc. You need to provide a product display to pull in customers. 

If you want to sell the products you create yourself, you must do market research. Look for your competitors and study their products and marketing strategy. Consider coming up with values that make your brand exclusive. 

7. Read Valuable Sources

You can get ideas from anywhere, online news, tabloids, newspaper, social media, television, or other sources. Staying updated on recent news and being quick to read certain situations can help you decide what products to sell. 

For instance, during the corona outbreak, people are looking for a way to maintain their health. So selling products related to health and lifestyle can be highly profitable. You can create masks that you make yourself or homemade antibacterial soaps.

Other product categories that can drive good sales are fashion, personal care, beauty, and houseware. Again, you must be quick to notice the upcoming trends by observing the market, society, and influencers.


Taking the first step to starting your self-managed online business requires a huge amount of courage. So make every step measurable to avoid failure. The above points can help you make the first step into the business easier. 

If you’re a beginner, selling popular and high-demand products is more likely to drive profits. You also need to study the market and target customers to develop your marketing strategies. You can do social media and email marketing to save your budget.

Knowing how to find the best products to sell online is a basic step you need to be aware of. If you already know the practices, it will be easier for you to scale your online business.

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