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5 Facebook Post Engagement Ideas To Attract Optimal Likes, Comments, And Shares

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Trying to stand out on Facebook when you are in competition against thousands of other businesses – each vying for your audiences’ attention – is difficult. That said, there are a few key types of posts that can indeed attract optimal likes, comments, and shares.

Want more engagement from your audience on Facebook? Read on for some handy tips!

1.   Photo caption challenges

One post type that often gets lots and lots of engagement on Facebook is the “Caption this photo” challenge post type.

Why do people love these post types so much on Facebook? Because it’s all in the spirit of competition. Not only that but people like reading the comments section to see what other people have come up with and to see if they can come up with something funny that other people will enjoy.

Of course, you’ll get even more engagement if the pictures are industry relevant! Why not give it a try and see how your audience responds?


Quotes on Facebook always tend to perform very well, especially when they are inspiring, motivational, or funny.

The best part? Quotes can often fit in well with various world events. For example, if you need content ideas for International Women’s day, you could share your favourite quotes from famous women throughout history.

Again, make sure it is relevant. If you are a bathroom renovations company and you are constantly sharing motivational quotes, it’s going to look weird. However, if you share some funny quotes about how children never allow their mother’s to go to the loo in peace, it would be far more relevant to your audience.

3.   Fill___the blank posts

Fill-in-the-black posts are very good at bolstering engagement on Facebook. For example, if you are a travel agency business, you could pose the following question to your audience: “If you won $10,000 for a holiday, which destination would be number 1 on your list?

You can give multiple choice questions or otherwise leave it up to them. Not so dissimilar to the ‘Caption this photo’ post type, people love reading the comments and seeing what other people have to say.

4.   Straight forward questions

If you are struggling for new post ideas, sometimes something as simple as asking your audience a question can spark a lot of engagement. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get some feedback on a new product, see how you can improve your services, and so much more.

Your audience wants to know that their opinions matter, so why not ask them some questions? It is social media after all!

5.   Funny and relevant memes

Sometimes curating content from other pages is a good approach on social media. For example, whenever you come across a funny meme that you think your audience would have a laugh at, it’s worth saving it for later and adding it to your social media content publishing calendar.

Memes are a modern phenomenon and some can get millions of likes and shares!

Conclusion: Make your content difficult to resist

As you can see, most of these post ideas have one thing in common: they challenge your audience in one way or another. “What would you do?” “Caption this?” “Fill in the blank?”

These post types have proven time and time again to get optimal engagement on social media so why not give it a try for your business?

Remember, you can’t always be advertising on Facebook. You’ve got to find the right balance and provide your audience with some entertainment as well!

Of course, if you are constantly struggling to find the time to dedicate to your socials and feel like you could do with a break, why not consider hiring the professionals?

With a social media marketing agency by your side, you’ll never have to wrack your brains or worry about what to post ever again; it’ll all be taken care of for you.

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