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What to Do if You Used the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

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It is well known that Saudi markets are packed with a large number of ICE or Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, which can be classified under petrol or diesel, which makes sense why this question arises on a daily basis: what happens if I put diesel in my petrol car? And vice versa.

Using the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

In this article, we will be answering this frequently asked question and discuss the consequences of using the wrong fuel in your car. Not only that, but we’ll go over the most important characteristics of these fuel types.

Diesel Vs Petrol

Generally speaking, diesel and petrol differ in density, burning velocity, power, and how they run through the engine parts, and these engines are built differently in order to work with such fluids.


  • Needs high pressure and temperature for combustion
  • Generates more energy and power than petrol
  • Mostly used in trucks and heavy vehicles
  • Works effectively in hot weather conditions
  • Needs a part called the “glow plug” that helps in the combustion process, as it’s a difficult fluid to ignite that needs super high temperatures
  • Injected directly into the cylinders
  • Less fuel consumption


  • Flammable
  • Doesn’t need high pressure and temperature to combust, but there has to be a simple spark from the spark plugs
  • Found in everyday-use cars
  • Doesn’t produce as much power as diesel
  • Needs a fuel sprayer to be injected into the cylinder
  • Higher fuel consumption

What happens if you put petrol instead of diesel?

Since the diesel’s density is higher than petrol, which is exactly what the diesel engine needs to work efficiently, then using petrol with its low density will cause friction between the engine parts and wear them out easily.

The damage will cost the owner a lot of money, regardless of the amount of petrol used, so the best thing to do is to not drive the car at all and ask for help from a professional.

What happens if you put diesel instead of petrol?

Using diesel instead of petrol is not as harmful, not to mention that the spark plugs in a petrol engine won’t ignite because of the diesel’s high density, thus, the car won’t start.

Using diesel instead of petrol is not that common, this is because the diesel nozzles in all gas stations are bigger so they won’t fit in the petrol tank opening, and the car owner will notice it immediately.

Let’s say that the bigger nozzle was able to fit in the small opening of the petrol tank and the driver was able to start the car, he won’t be able to drive for long. As for the engine’s torque, it will decrease slowly and the car will come to a stop, then black smoke will escape the exhaust.

A Quick Tip to Avoid this Problem

When going to the gas station make sure you do it with a focused mind, because even though the process is not that complicated, but it does need a clear mind so you don’t reach for the wrong nozzle. And of course, always ask for help from the maintenance center if you used the wrong fuel so they can assist you in emptying the fuel from your car.

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