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About Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce has eight years of experience in security and more than 25 years of experience in operations and marketing in technology, Internet retail and franchising. In addition to positions with Memorex and Intel he was a co-owner of an international franchise network, a principle hire in string of successful new business ventures and a founding partner of one of the first Internet advertising agencies that served Microsoft and dozens of startups in the San Francisco area. He is currently the COO and CMO of Beyond Security, a leading developer of Vulnerability Management solutions for networks, and Black Box (DAST) and White Box (SAST) testing solutions for certification centers and application developers.


Hundreds of millions of financial and personal data records have been stolen in recent corporate and government data loss incidents. Equifax, in the greatest security breach in U.S. history, lost social security numbers, addresses, driver’s license information and such, for more than 143 million Americans. Typical to most data loss incidents, there were several things […]