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About Martin Frascaroli

Martin is a self-made entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience at the forefront of customer service, marketing, AI and technology. He studied computer system engineering and marketing but realized he wasn’t meant to be a student. In 2005 he founded Y2K Networks, a digital marketing and software company, which helped him find his calling: using AI technology to give back people’s time. In 2012, Martin founded Aivo, which rapidly grew from startup to global enterprise with over 160 customers across 74 geographies. Martin has been an Endeavor entrepreneur since 2011 and in 2014 he was recognized by the MIT Technology Review (Innovators under 35).


Artificial Intelligence has become a strong ally for sales organizations with high volumes of opportunities and lead generation, mainly, because it provides fast and accurate support when performing for different sales stages. In fact, as stated by a Gartner report, implementing AI in sales strategies increases conversion rates up to 30% when engaging prospects or […]