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About Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt is an ex theatre-actor turned Internet marketing junkie.  He’s the CMO and VP of Sales at Powered by Search. He’s been helping Fortune 1000 companies with their digital marketing for the last 10 years.  He’s worked with brands like FedEx, RE/MAX, Allstate, Valvoline, Rogers, and many more.  Matthew has worked with over 350 CEOs and business owners and helped them exceed their business goals by leveraging digital marketing. To learn more about Enterprise Local SEO download the free guidebook "The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Enterprise Businesses

Local SEO Google Maps

Local SEO is not just for ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses. Ever since Google’s Pigeon Update, any business can take advantage of showing up in Google’s search results for search queries that have local intent. Being visible in local search is an incredible way to attract people who are ready to buy. Local search queries have a […]