Author - Niels van den Bergh

avatarNiels is one of The Next Web's top 500 most talented tech talents under 30 in the Netherlands and has 10 years of experience in both digital marketing and the tech industry. Before founding mintBlue in 2022, he worked as Head of Growth at Growth Mechanics for clients such as Google, MAN, WERK1, YUNUS, and Social Business Foundation. After this experience, Niels worked as a strategic advisor for Dyme, a PSD2 open banking app. He became familiar with blockchain through research to serve his innovative clients with a tailored accelerator program for this new technology. During his research, he discovered that much of the industry consists of a smokescreen of technologies that receive a lot of attention due to their good marketing and large funding, while often still immature and not ready for commercialization. After analyzing hundreds of projects, he concluded that the original blockchain technology, invented in 2008, could handle everything it claimed in practice. This led him to delve deeper into the technology and ultimately create mintBlue, a platform that enables business organizations to easily build solutions with blockchain.