Author - Trisha Reynolds

avatarI am Trisha Renolds, an Accounting and Finance graduate at the University of New South Wales specializing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

I believe that Cryptocurrency is the future, and so the digital economy. That being said, I want to educate people about the functionality and implementation of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. For over five years, I have been a writer for the latest updates about Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

Aside from working on my own digital business, I share my deep knowledge about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies through our website The Top Coins.

Since the end of 2019, I have been living in Queensland, Australia – along with my amazing husband and our awesome son. For me, Queensland is a fantastic place to take a deep breath and calm down. At the same time, it is a very calm place and helps me focus on new topics about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. I enjoy reading books about cryptocurrencies and economics. I also loved beach hopping and attending conferences in my spare time.