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About William Putsis, PhD

Dr. William Putsis is a Professor of Marketing, Economics and Business Strategy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a Faculty Fellow for Executive Programs at Yale University. He is also president and CEO of Chestnut Hill Associates, a strategy consulting firm, and founder of the software company, CADEO Economics, which automates his data modeling-based strategy development processes. His new book is The Carrot and the Stick: Leveraging Strategic Control for Growth (Rotman-UTP Publishing, Feb. 3, 2020). Learn more at or


Companies today realize that data is the new gold, the new oil. Through increasingly powerful means — from balloons and drones, to 5G, to fiber cable and LEO (low-Earth orbit) satellites — companies are fighting to control data in order to monetize what the data can do for them. It’s what will provide them with […]