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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 21st, 2018

Manage Work, Not People: Does a Results-Only Work

Employee turnover. Employers dread it, knowing how costly even an average performer is to replace. Yet employees sometimes just can’t avoid it as home and work life responsibilities increasingly intersect and clash.

What can be done to reduce turnover while still providing the flexibility today’s two-income households often require? While the answer is incredibly nuanced, many modern employers have found answers that have worked for them after implementing ROWE, aka a Results-Only Work Environment. Will ROWE work well for your company’s turnover problems to the tune of the 45 percent decrease some ROWE-centric employers are now enjoying?

ROWE + Telecommuting

Increasing flexibility of work options can take any number of different forms. To date, approximately 20 percent of the American workforce now works from home, which appears to be one ROWE-related flexibility option that is really working out well.

Perhaps this is because telecommuting is both good for the planet and good for its people. Employers that permit telecommuting give themselves the option to tout this in their environmental responsibility talking points. At the same time, telecommuting employees report skyrocketing work satisfaction into the 90th percentile, even though in most cases, they also report logging longer, harder work hours than their office-bound peers.

How does telecommuting add up to extended, more productive work time? As it turns out, homebound employees will still work when they fall ill. They will work odd hours in exchange for the option to be present for family obligations. They will work during the hours formerly wasted sitting in traffic. They will work while sitting in doctor’s offices or while waiting on the internet repair... Read More

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