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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 17th, 2018

Why Your Best 2018 Content Marketing Resolution Could Be Long-Form Blogging

One of your New Year’s resolutions might involve buckling down on your content creation.

You might have pledged to direct more resources toward your content (time, money, etc.) to make it better, because you know better content wins.

Turns out, one BIG way to make it better is to make it longer.

Write more words.

Not 1,000. Not 1,250. I’m talking 1,500 – 2,000 words… and beyond.

Let me show you why.

The Power of Long-Form Blogging: What Do the Stats Say?

Everybody is hopping on the long-form bandwagon: From Kissmetrics to Neil Patel to Search Engine Land, authority voices are urging us to write longer posts.

Of course, there are excellent reasons for this.

Long-form blogs have been shown to consistently get more social shares and attention than middle-of-the-road blogs (the ones hovering between long and short).

BuzzSumo famously analyzed 100 million articles online to figure out what factors help an article go viral.

One of those factors: length.

The longer the article, the more shares it got:

Articles from 3,000-10,000 words in length got an average of 8,859 shares. That’s nearly twice as many as articles under 1k words.

Here’s some more good data that proves long-form content gets results:

Crazy Egg did an A/B split-test on their homepage. One version of the page was short and sweet. The other was about 20x longer. Which one got more conversions?

Here’s the difference in length, for scope:

Yes – the long-as-heck page did better. It outperformed the short page by 30%.

Of course, there’s even more research out there about this topic.

HubSpot did a study on over 6,000 of their own blogs. They looked at the correlation between... Read More

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