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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 29th, 2014

Directory Links: Are They Always Bad?

As recently as 2007, directory links were used far and wide by all types of SEO and online marketing professionals. This included the type of directories that were either paid or existed only as a source to provide backlinks. After Google applied penalties to the unscrupulous directories – and sometimes those who they linked to – site owners and even SEO professionals became leery about submitting their precious URLs to any directory at all.

Directories are all risky inbound link sources, right? Nothing has changed since Matt Cutts told us himself about watching out for scammer directories, right?

I too, had been under the impression that 99% of inbound directory links were useless; not worth the Google-penalty risk – and, granted, many, many are just that. But
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Technology News

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Microsoft Releases Patched Patch That Crashed Users PCs

Two weeks after issuing a patch that caused the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ on the Windows-run computers of multiple users, Microsoft has released a fixed version of its problematic security bulletin. Microsoft first released Security Bulletin MS14-045 […]
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Google Makes Security Audit Available

Google is aiming to prove its commitment to security by releasing a comprehensive audit report. Photo Credit: Carlos Luna via flickr Released through the company’s Enterprise site, users and the general public can peruse the SOC 3 Type II audit […]

Microsoft Introduces New Licence on Visual Studio

No matter what position someone may hold in an organization they can now keep up-to-date on a project’s development through Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The studio is Microsoft’s hosted application lifecycle management service. Upon initial […]

SEO News

Photo Credit: … intense look …. a little scary! by Laura Pontiggia Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Google’s Pigeon Update: What’s Changed?

You know the drill: everything is humming along as usual on the Internet, and then one morning, your SEO rankings are all wacked out. After a little research, you discover yet another unannounced algorithm change from the world’s biggest search […]

How To Win At Local SEO Optimization Through Content

There are many ways content is beneficial today for Google rankings, but one fail-proof ranking opportunity can be found in original, well-written local keyword optimized landing pages. If someone was to search for “Atlanta bathroom plumbing,” […]

HTTPS Now a Google Ranking Factor

When Matt Cutts, Google webspam fighter extraordinaire, says something, SEOs best listen. Most of the time he’s offering hints at a policy the search engine will soon adopt, and so it is with Google’s latest change in ranking factor. On Aug. […]

Social Media News

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Save Time and Boost Engagement With Social Media Automation

We all know that social media is a huge part of the online presence of any business. Whatever your network of choice may be, you may feel like you’re missing opportunities with other social media platforms, or that you don’t have the time or resources […]

Feds Spending Nearly $1M to Monitor Hate Speech on Twitter

The U.S. government has doled out nearly $1 million for the creation of a database to track hate speech on Twitter. The monitoring project, financed by the tax-funded National Science Foundation, is to include searches for “suspicious memes” and “false […]
Credit: Matt Harnack / Facebook

Bandwidth Targeting Tools Allows Advertisers to Reach Facebook Users Worldwide

Facebook has debuted a new feature for advertisers enabling them to target ads to users based on their network connection — 2G, 3G or 4G — to ensure optimal viewing. The tool has become a necessary one as more and more people in countries around the […]


Business & Marketing News


Vocabulary for Employee Engagement — Create It and Maintain It

Employee engagement is the secret behind most successful businesses – a company filled with happy, engaged and productive employees will have a much higher rate of accomplishment than one filled with employees only attending for their next pay-check. Some […]
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Gmail Adds Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

On August 6, Google’s Gmail announced a new feature: the auto-unsubscribe button. What is it? What does it mean for your brand’s marketing efforts? The potential implications are great; as such, it’s important that you become familiar […]

What Your Competition Knows about Marketing Tech

You don’t know everything about marketing technology but, put together, your competition does. If you don’t actively seek out new things, you’re either going to stay behind the curve or eventually fail from sheer stubbornness. The savviest of business […]

Other News

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China’s Cyber Attacks Tied to U.S. Companies, Contractors and Gov’t Systems

By Hanqing Chen, ProPublica U.S.-China tensions have risen recently over suspicions of Chinese nationals infiltrating U.S. company computer systems. In late May, the U.S. Justice Department accused five Chinese military officers of allegedly hacking […]
Photo Credit: Responsive Web Design Process by Reinier Sierag Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Responsive vs. Adaptive — Which Option is More Advantageous?

Responsive and adaptive — these are the two choices when it comes to Web design. Contrary to the popular belief, the two concepts are quite different from each other. Businesses should be well-aware of the differences so they can choose between the […]

Dropbox Lowers Prices, Increases Storage for Pro Users

Just call it the storage wars. Dropbox has dropped its prices to remain competitive in the ever-growing cloud storage market and has also increased storage space and added new security features for Dropbox Pro users. Under a new, simplified pricing structure, […]

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