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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 27th, 2017

Reasons Small Business Need to Go Mobile In 2017

When mobile websites started to gain traction just a few years ago, they were the cutting edge. The idea of a website that displayed perfectly on Smart devices with no pinching, zooming, or re-sizing necessary was a novelty. Only the most tech-savvy business owners added one to their marketing arsenal. But time travels fast in the world of technology. What used to be a novelty has quickly become a staple of successful online practice marketing. And the world has changed so drastically that now, if you’re not using one, your bottom line is probably much smaller than it could be. Here’s why:

1. Mobile Use has Grown 500 Percent over the Last Two Years (Google)

The mobile space is exploding, and so is the number of new customers it can bring to your practice. The growth of the last two years is only going to continue, and that means the number of clients relying on your website to be mobile-ready is getting bigger every day. If you want to keep and hold their attention, your information needs to be mobile-optimized so that it’s as appealing as it is accessible.

2. More People use Mobile Phones than Toothbrushes (Mobile Marketing Association) 

That might seem crazy, but it’s true. The MMA estimates that 4.5 billion people worldwide use mobile phones, while only 4.2 billion use toothbrushes. That’s bad for teeth, but great for anybody with a mobile site. Numbers like that were unimaginable just a short while ago, but the message they send is clear; Mobile isn’t taking the world by storm. It already has.

3. Smart Devices Are Responsible for 28 percent of Global Internet Traffic (MarketingLand)

Here’s something else to chew on. More than a quarter of all traffic on the Internet comes from mobile... Read More

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