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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 28th, 2015

New Search Engines That Could Revolutionize The Internet

Google might have revolutionized search, but with its advertising philosophy and suspect privacy policy, the Big Guy is falling out of favor with end-users.

At the turn of the year when Yahoo switched to Firefox, the Big G lost a massive 20 percent of its market share. Although the search engine leader quickly recovered, the jumping of ships highlighted two points: A lot of Internet users are looking for alternative search options, and Yahoo is still rubbish.

Given the Big G is frustrating users (and for a number of reasons), there is clearly an emerging market for search engine developers to steal the show on search.

In April, American Markets USA Today published a graph showing Bing has gained a four percent pullback on Google’s market share.

These stats show
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Nintendo patent

Nintendo Patents a Sleep Monitor Device

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Google Logo

Google Eliminates Interstitial on Google+

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SEO Targeting

Today’s Most Powerful and Effective SEO Tools

SEO is a rapidly changing, and at times, in a highly challenging environment. In the blink of an eye, rules change, tools die off, factors are weighted differently, and marketers are left scrambling to formulate a new game plan. Over the years search […]
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Three Deadly Mistakes Sellers Make With Their Amazon Listings

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Photo Credit:  Éole Wind

Your Website Load Times Are Hurting Your Google Rankings, Conversion Rates And Profits

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Not on Instagram? You’re Missing Out on 300 Million Customers (and Growing!)

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Pinterest Button Makes Pinning Easier for iOS Users

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Tips for Establishing a Professional Twitter Account

Twitter currently boasts 302 million active monthly users. This means just one thing; the potential for networking and brand awareness growth is massive. Many businesses have already built a substantial social following through this channel alone. Twitter […]


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How Print Marketing Can Boost eCommerce Sales

Take a moment and think about what your life would be like if you had to run all your marketing with handwritten communication only. Thankfully we don’t live in a world like that, digital marketing makes life so much easier, but print media is still […]
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A 15-Point Checklist for More Profitable Product Pages

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Why VPS Hosting is a Money Saver for Small Businesses

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Six Changes Your Mobile Users Will Be Thankful For

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Microsoft operating system chief Terry Myerson discusses Windows 10 in this Microsoft image.

Lowdown: Upgrade to Windows 10

Have you recently noticed a little icon in the lower right-hand corner of your Windows computer: “Windows 10 is coming!” It sounds so ominous. Not really. For those of us who have been frustrated with Windows 8 for a while now, Microsoft promises […]
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How to Fix Common Mobile Content and Usability Issues

Mobile recently became the dominant device for search queries, finally toppling desktop usage. We knew this day would come; the prevalence of these electronics only continues to grow. So it’s time to up your mobile content game. A recent Pew Research […]

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