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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 27th, 2016

6 Tips for Getting Readers to Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media

Social media is a goldmine if you want to draw new traffic to your website. Get your current audience to share your content, and you can build a steady stream of visitors with every new post.

That said, I know actually getting audiences to share can be a challenge – even with great content and a high-traffic site.

Use these six tips to encourage your readers to share your blog posts on social media.

1. Create content they want to share

Here’s an important thing to remember with your blog audience: Just because they like your content doesn’t mean they want to share it.

“X ways to do this or that” is a popular, easy-to-consume content type. But for the most part, it doesn’t make good social sharing fodder.

According to research by the New
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Samsung Profit Plunges Due to Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle has taken its toll on the South Korean firm’s bottom line. The technology titan today admitted its operating profit plummeted 30 percent year-on-year thanks, in large part, to the global recall of its flagship… Read More

Microsoft Makes 3D the Focus of its Creator’s Update

Microsoft is getting creative. The software firm unveiled its Creator’s Update during a special event Wednesday — and it is pretty darn impressive. The updated technology brings 3D to all users who create for work or pleasure. Paint 3D is not the… Read More

Microsoft’s Unveils Massive Surface Studio Touchscreen PC

Microsoft today unveiled the newest member in its Surface line: the Surface Studio, an all-in-one device, for professionals. Sporting a 28-inch, 4,500 by 3,000, 192 DPI display, the Surface Studio has a 4.5k ultra HD screen with 63 percent more pixels… Read More

Technology News


Apple Reports Revenue Decline, but Still Posts Income of $9B

Apple’s shares dipped nearly four percent today after the iPhone maker posted its first annual revenue decline in a decade-and–a-half and failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations. Luca Maestri What would be a stellar quarter for most companies… Read More
google fiber

Google Dialing Back Fiber Plans, Laying Off 130

Google is scaling back on its Fiber service to the extent that layoffs are imminent. Google Fiber is cutting roughly nine percent of its staff — 130 employees — and is scaling back its ambitions to take the high speed Internet services nationwide,… Read More

Google Jamboard Takes Whiteboards High Tech

Google is taking on Microsoft with its latest creation. The company today introduced Jamboard, Google’s take on the Smartboard. Along the same lines as Microsoft’s Surface Hub, Jamboard is built for professional brainstorming sessions and teamwork. As… Read More

SEO News


How Web Design Affects Search Engine Rankings

There are two things that are inseparable when it comes to starting an online business: search engine optimisation (SEO) and Web design. Web design has a monumental impact on SEO, but when it comes to SEO, many people think that SEO is all about, page… Read More

SEO: A Potent Tool for Influencing Millennials

“. . . Millennials perceive strong SEO to be a requirement for any company they do business with. They have grown up with the Internet and Google their whole lives, the first generation to do so, and finding a piece of information online has become… Read More
SEO Targeting

Image Optimization: The Achilles Heel of SEO

It’s no secret; visual creations are a necessity for engaging online audiences. Be it an image, an infographic, a video, or any other type of optical amusement, people can’t get enough of it. A large portion of why images are so exciting is that humans… Read More

Social Media News


PayPal Payments and Notifications Come to Facebook Messenger

PayPal is getting a little more social, thanks to a revamped partnership with Facebook that will see the online payments system become a payment option offered by Messenger. Thus far, only U.S. consumers will be able to take advantage of the new integration… Read More
Twitter front desk

Twitter to Axe More Than 300 Jobs This Week

Twitter will soon be handing out pink slips to up to eight percent of its workforce, or roughly 300 people, Bloomberg is reporting. The job cuts could come this week — possibly before Twitter’s third-quarter earnings report is posted Thursday,… Read More
Flickr photo by Maria Elena

Facebook to Ease Up on Removal of Graphic, but Newsworthy Content

Facebook is easing the censorship of graphic content on its site to accommodate newsworthy posts that would normally be considered a violation of its policies. The move comes after much criticism about the social networks very strict policies that kept… Read More


Business & Marketing News


8 Tools You Need in Your PC to Improve Productivity

When it comes to productivity hacks, there’s certainly no shortage of available tools out there. While some are in the making to be the next big thing, others have been around for quite some time for users to enjoy widespread usage. As someone who works… Read More
workstation, laptop

Facilitating Increased Tech Performance Through Natural Means

Everyone knows the stereotype about techies. But, certainly, not all who are extremely adept at computer use spend their entire day stuck in front of a screen. But there are definitely a great number of those working in and throughout the IT industry… Read More
Young African Businessman Calculating Finance Bills With Calculator

The Entrepreneurial Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome Exposed

There’s an insidious travesty happening in the entrepreneurial world and I’ve stayed silent about it long enough. It’s time to expose what’s really happening to unsuspecting entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to seeking… Read More

Other News


Google Buys FameBit: How This Impacts You

“We look forward to seeing FameBit and the entire branded content space thrive as we continue to support the success and creativity of the creator community.” ― Ariel Bardin, vice-president of product management at Google Influencer marketing is… Read More

Uber-Owned Otto Transport Completes First Commercial Delivery

Self-driving transports may just beat autonomous cars and trucks to regular commercial use on the highway. Otto, the self-driving truck company owned by Uber, teamed up with Budweiser recently to complete the world’s first shipment by an autonomous… Read More
Cloud Security

The Best Apps to Encrypt Your Files Before Uploading to the Cloud

Whatever it is that you decide to upload to the cloud, it is not unreasonable to expect that certain security protocols are being employed to keep your data safe and secure, but it seems that the level of our expectations are not always matched by the… Read More


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Digital brings fresh challenges for three quarters of CIOs

Businesses worldwide are responding to the threat posed by digital disrupters like Über and Airbnb, a trend that poses significant challenges for CIOs, a study carried out by international IT solutions and managed services provider Logicalis has revealed. The… Read More

Janrain’s Consumer Identity Survey Shows 93% are Concerned How Brands Use/Share Their Online Activity

PORTLAND, OR – Janrain®, the leading company that created the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, today announced the results of a new Consumer Identity Trends survey that shows while social login use is growing in popularity thanks… Read More
WP Engine

WP Engine Boosts SEO, Security Across All Customer Sites With Free SSL/TLS Certificates

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 20, 2016 — WP Engine today announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt™ SSL/TLS certificates freely available to all customers. This means for every single one of the company’s 50,000 customers setting up a secure site… Read More

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