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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 31st, 2016

3 Traffic Generators to Boost Your Search Rank

“A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.” ― Paul Cookson

For websites that are just starting out, building a significant source of traffic is dependent upon consumer awareness. This visibility is built through content, social media, advertising and SEO and, as we all know, it is hard to get noticed in the congested online arena. There is, however, a bevy of tools and software that you can use to build traffic and bump your site up in the SERPs, thereby providing a generous amount of organic visits. What you need is a traffic generator on your team.

A robust source of organic traffic is the goal in leveraging these types of technologies. They will not provide that by themselves, but they will produce two different types of traffic that can elevate your site to
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Apple:Ireland taxes

Apple Must Fork Over $14.5B in Unpaid Taxes to Ireland, EU Rules

Apple must hand over $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes after the European Commission ruled that Ireland had granted the iPhone maker illegal tax benefits. It is a record-breaking ruling from the Commission, but not one that will cause undue hardship to Apple,… Read More
Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash Lands in U.K., Germany, Austria

Amazon is launching its Dash shopping program in Austria, Germany and the U.K. this week — its first expansion outside of the United States. Amazon Dash is, essentially, a digital shopping assistant in the form of a programmable key that comes with… Read More
Google Android

Google Debuts In Apps, a Search Mode for Your Content

Google has launched an ‘In Apps’ search mode to make it easier for you to find content on your Android-run Smartphone. The new search mode, which ferrets out what you are searching for from installed apps can be found by going to the Google app on… Read More

Technology News

Elon Musk, Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA) in 2011. Photo by Maurizio Pesce.

Tesla Planning Imminent Autopilot Update

Tesla will soon release an update for its self-driving system, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet today. “Major improvements to Autopilot coming with V8.0 and 8.1 software (std OTA update) primarily through advanced processing of radar signals,”… Read More

Alphabet Exec Leaves Uber Board as Rivalry Between the Firms Grows

Alphabet executive David Drummond has left Uber’s board of directors as rivalry between the two companies heats up. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is placed in direct competition with online transportation network Uber given Google’s push… Read More
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.51.25 AM

Information Leaks Ahead of iPhone 7 Unveiling Sept. 7

Apple will officially unveil its next-generation iPhones and, apparently, a slew of other products, on Sept. 7. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus have been the subject of much speculation in the past few months, and a recent leak has revealed the most information… Read More

SEO News

SEO Targeting

15 Tips and Tools to Help You Create SEO-Friendly Content

Internet marketing is constantly changing and evolving so it is important to make sure that your content is SEO-friendly. If you are unsure of how to create SEO content or maybe you are looking for a way to make your content better aligned with SEO; we… Read More

How Cloud Computing Can Boost SEO

Cloud computing is still in its infancy stage, despite the service having been around for quite some time. Not much is known about the platform and there are no clear set rules on how to optimize your business with this service. Even so, it is important… Read More
Local SEO Google Maps

How to Rank Higher in Local Search Results

For any small business, appearing in a local search is crucial to bringing new business through your doors. While word-of-mouth is enough to stir up some new business, it isn’t nearly the same as what a Google recommendation could do for you. But many… Read More

Social Media News


Facebook’s Trending Topics Gets Major Update to Address Accusations of Bias

Facebook’s Trending feature has received a major overhaul to make the product more automated in response to accusations of bias made earlier this year. The update removes the necessity for Facebook editors to write descriptions for trending topics. The… Read More

Engage Your Brand’s Fans Via Instagram Stories

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed a new feature: Instagram Stories. While this may not seem like anything big, this insidious little feature is poised to take on one of the resident giants of social media: Snapchat. Touted… Read More
Photo by Johannes Hemmerlein

Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal: Will this Finally Boost the Dynamics CRM Market Share?

Now that the brouhaha over Microsoft’s $26.2-billion purchase of LinkedIn has died down, it’s time to look at the strategic implications of this deal. Will this be Nadella’s masterstroke for boosting Dynamics CRM or will this prove to be another… Read More


Business & Marketing News


11 Content Creation Tips for Building Trust

If you want your content marketing to work and convert your followers into customers, you must use good quality content that has value and is informative. It also must build trust with your followers. While content is still king, it now also has to build… Read More
customer service

The Definitive Guide to Personalization and Customer Experience Optimization

Personalization is a crucial part of your eCommerce brand and goes hand-in-hand with customer experience optimization. This guide will help you understand the concept of personalization and how brands must use it to optimize the overall user experience. Why… Read More
coffee, conference

Fuel Your Imagination With These 4 Unconventional Business Event Rules

Deciding on the best venue for your event – whether formal or not – is a lot more challenging than meets the eye. It’s tough to make a choice because you need a place that can speak for itself; a place that exudes comfort, style and originality.… Read More

Other News


Google’s Crowdsource App Asks Users to Pitch in on Translation

Google needs your help. The tech titan has launched Crowdsource, an application through which users can help improve services like Google Translate and Maps. The company told Tech Crunch the pilot project went live Monday. Crowdsource, as yet, offers… Read More
writing in note pad

10 Rules of How to Write a Great Press Release

Is it true that press releases still matter? Last week, I sat down with Shannon Gray, managing director at a 25-year-old PR firm, McKinney & Associates (cool enough to run their own Twitter chat, #socialjusticechat), and she said it best: “Press… Read More

Iran Launches First Phase of its Own Internet Service

Iran is planning to operate its own national Internet as the government looks to crack down on uncensored Web surfing. The country on Sunday announced the first phase of its “national information network” was complete via the pro-government Tasnim… Read More


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.31.13 PM

AppSense Improves Visibility of Desktop Environments with Availability of Xtraction for DesktopNow

Warrington, UK, Aug. 31, 2016 – AppSense, the leading provider of User Environment Management solutions for the secure endpoint, today announced availability of Xtraction for DesktopNow, a new connector that provides easy access to real-time data from… Read More
Advertisement is courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics, a brand Modiface is partnering with on another upcoming project.  Smashbox is the only beauty brand born out of a legendary photo studio—Smashbox Studios in L.A.— where major photographers, celebrities and makeup artists converge to create iconic images every day.

New Live-Scan Technology Converts Photos Into Augmented Reality Looks

  Toronto, Canada – August 9, 2016 – ModiFace, the leading provider of augmented reality technology for the beauty industry, is today announcing the availability of a new patented Live-Scan technology which can take a 3D live recording of any… Read More
Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) /

Why Is SEO Marketing Important for a Startup?

  Dot Com Infoway, one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world, is organizing a webinar, “Why is SEO marketing important for a startup” on Aug. 24. In this millennium of startups, a great idea alone is not enough to sustain any… Read More

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